Thursday, 27 October 2011

Yum cha at Emperor's Garden, Haymarket

I was in Sydney the other week for my friend Alan's birthday. After a long night of getting lost on the way to a steak restaurant, waiting for guests who were stuck in traffic at the steak restaurant, eating steak at the steak restaurant, a bar, my first alcoholic drink in nearly two years, panicking about the effect of the alcohol on my cellulite free thighs, a bowling alley, taking my own socks to the bowling alley because I am scared of foot diseases, tearing my stockings and looking like a bogan, the casino where the front is now the back and the back is now the front, getting lost in the casino car park and thinking we were in a Seinfeld situation...and going to bed at 01.38 (I usually go to sleep between 20:00 and 21:30!) we needed something substantial for breakfast - YUM CHA!

 In Haymarket we found the Emperor's Garden. Anywhere that is opened form 07.30-02:00 must be good!

Unfortunately we were not seated at the window table as pictured in the first photo. We instead were at table 41, which is kind of in a corner and which at first seemes like it will be hard for the trolleys to access the table.

We started with some tea and dumplings - garlic king prawn dumplings and scallop dumplings. I enjoyed the prawn dumplings very much:)

 Pork dim sims and prawn roll things. 'Eat the peas Kim, they're expensive!' said Alan.

Drumroll please...what we were waiting for...what we went to yum cha for....CHICKEN FEET! Oh how I adore you chicken feet! At first you scared me so much, but now there is a place for you close to my heart.

 We happily ate two servings of chicken feet:) Alan is much mroe of an expert on chicken feet than me. He advised that the chicken feet were 'OK'. Not 'good'...just 'OK'....I thought they were good! :) But I have also been eating boiled peas and egg each day for tea for the last I think everything is good...

  All yum cha up-ed and energised, we went next door to Emperor's Garden Cakes and Bakery:) Alan and I have some soft of Asian dessert agreement; If we're near a China Town, we must buy Asian desserts!
Yum:) I bought a sesame ball, which was unfortunately not as good as the ones from Bread Top. I still ate it though:)

And there this post ends. Interestingly enough, I will be flying to Sydney tomorrow afternoon for the weekend:) There is a chance of rain as usual, but also the chance of yum cha. So, I shall have some posts for you upon my return.

What you need to know:
Where:  96-100 Hay St, Haymarket, NSW
When: Not on website, but accoridng to the sign, 07.30-02.0...but which days?
Other: Slight too hot in the restaurant. I am constantly cold but was sweating in there! Clean toilets. 'OK' chicken feet.
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  1. I used to pass by this place almost everyday...!! These pictures make me so nostalgic!

  2. ****Cooking Gallery****
    Awww:) Do you find that certain smells make you nostalgic? For example, whenever I walk past a coffee shop and smell coffee, I think I am in Germany.

  3. You MUST Try Fat Buddha in QVB =D

  4. ****Grumpybum****
    My 'to eat at' list is becoming longer...and longer:)

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