Monday, 21 November 2011

Ding Hao, Adelaide

While helping paint a charity building last week, I mentioned to a colleague that my lunch plan was 'fung jow', or chicken feet. My colleague, Miss C, being from China was quite amazed by this and even more amazed at the fact that I knew the Chinese word for chicken feet! Miss C mentioned she would like to join me as well:)

We painted some more, counting down to fung jow time:) Wow, painting is such hard work. Painting in 37 degree heat is even harder work. The painting experience convinced me I never want to renovate a house- I can't paint without becoming extremely tired and I am scared of ladders (add that to the list of babies, white bread, dogs, chickens...) meaning I can only paint up to a height of 168cm + the length of my arm.

All worn out from painting, we made our way to Gouger Street. Miss C suggested we eat fung jow at Ding Hao. There was a short wait and we were ushered to our table at the back of the restaurant. The first waiter was extremely efficient at changing the table cloth and handing us the yum cha order form. The second waiter laid the plates onto the table very quickly, but jumbled up the part of placing the bowl and chop sticks onto the table a little. I was still amazed at how fast these waiters work.

We ordered two serves of fung jow, prawn dumplings and Miss C's husband's (oh, then she should be Mrs C...oh well I am sure she does not mind) favourite dish, pepper squid.

Fung jow (the chicken feet) and pepper squid. The prawn dumplings came out later

The fung jow was really good. It tasted different here, I don't know how, as I do not eat it very often, but I liked it. The prawn dumplings were full of prawns! And the was in batter; I normally do not eat anything in batter. I hate batter so much that I haven't had fish from a fish and chip shop since...ever and even if I have a schnitzel, I pull off all the batter! However, I was happy to eat pepper squid in batter. YUM! It's a little crunchy, the squid is...I don't know what the word is and it's a little peppery Mmmmm:)

The bones of two chickens' feets

The interior of Ding Hao

As someone with a weirdo spine, I can say that these chairs have my approval. You see, my spine sticks out in certain places, making some seats extremely painful for me to lean back in (ie the plastic chairs we have at work functions - I feel like I need to see a physiotherapist afterwards!). The restaurant was much more crowded when we first entered but even then it didn't seem claustrophobic like one yum cha place I visited pre-blog days.

All full and happy, we collected the bill from the front counter; $24 for two people. That is not bad at all.

Miss C made her way into the city and I wandered around the markets for a while to buy baking ingredients and to take photos of things I would like to buy but do not need. That's a nice afternoon for me:) I really enjoyed finishing work (we had a volunteer at a community group day, hence the painting) at 1pm! :)

What you need to know:
Where: 26 Gouger Street, Adelaide SA 5000
When:Lunch and tea, every day
Other: The squid is good. The man at the front counter can add things very quickly!
No website

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