Tuesday, 8 November 2011

(High tea at) Au Matin Calme, Adelaide

My very first high tea experience was at the Victoria Room, Queen Victoria Building, Sydney. The service there is excellent, the scones with jam and cream are above excellent, the cups and saucers are Royal Albert and the Victoria Room itself is very picturesque. It was a lovely experience although I did leave feeling very full and a little less mobile than usual. I highly recommend the Victoria Room as a high tea venue. I want to go there again...but I'd have to starve myself for days before in order to prepare. If you are after a high tea in Adelaide I can recommend Au Matin Calm.

Au Matin Calme, situated on the quiet (others would say 'noisy'...but it's Adelaide - there is no traffic or noise!) Hutt Street is a French patisserie owned by patissier Guilliame and his partner Chakey. I have been reading some of the reviews on Urban Spoon for the patisserie. Seems like some are disappointed in Au Matin Calme for selling out of croissants and certain cakes early in the morning. Obviously they do not know a very important trait of a patisserie or a bakery. That is, certain items sell out. How to avoid the disappointment? Get there early! A patisserie/bakery isn't a supermarket with a stock room out the back! In Duesseldorf, I found the perfect croissants at the Eller market. I had to be there by 7am, in rain, shine or snow in order to purchase croissants and avoid disappointment.

I had the pleasure of enjoying the high tea at Au Matin Calme with Alan. The high tea is very pretty, sweet, filling and is priced at $20 per person. Make sure you brush your teeth after! Speaking of dentists, I made a dentist appointment today Yay! My new dentist is very friendly and gentle; I haven't cried in his surgery yet;)

 To begin, a refreshing Mariage Freres French breakfast tea and a smooth vanilla creme brulee. Once you've tasted French breakfast tea, you can never go back to English breakfast. Unfortunately, Mariage Freres teas are quite pricey

Impressed by the creme brulee, we were further impressed when this tidy looking serving stand was presented to us. On the top level were little glasses filled with fresh fruit set in a alcoholic gelatine. I tasted only a berry, as I am all 'anti alcohol' etc. I know, I went wine tasting last weekend...

The middle level consisted of various tarts, each made with a buttery crust; pear, lemon with a little gold leaf and real chocolate. The lemon tarts here are something else! No other lemon tart can compete! And the crusts, they're so good; buttery and smooth.

The third level showcased two of the cakes available at the patisserie, in miniature form. The 'orangina' cake is made from layers of almond dacquoise, orange marmalade and orange mousse. If you do not like oranges, probably not the cake for you. The chocolate hazelnut cake has a slightly crunchier base with a chocolate/hazelnut grenache top. It was slightly too rich and chocolatey for me

As you may be able to tell, the servings are very generous for two people. There were left overs and the staff were happy for us to take them home. As with the Victoria Room high tea, I left Au Matin Calme feeling much less mobile than usual, but also happy as I enjoyed it very much.

For the lone patisserie go-er, or those just after a small sweet, the cafe offers single cakes and danishes, sweet/savoury crepes and also pies I believe.

Above, you see the cute little tea pots that the sugar is stored in, the comical mugs and a passion cake. Below, you see a strawberry tart Mmmm (Taken with my old camera, hence bad quality). Individual mousse cakes are priced at $6 and tarts at $5.

What you need to know:
Where: Shop 210 Hutt Street, Adelaide 5000 SA
When:Tuesday - Sunday, 07:00 - 17:00
Other: Can become crowded in the afternoons. Limited outdoor seating. Free water in ET/Alien glasses...yes FRENCH ET/Alien GLASSES! Cake styling and croque en bouche available upon request.
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  1. Thankyou Miss K for blogging about places in Adelaide, you are very few and far between.
    (I found you on NQN). I wanted to go to this place when it opened and I had actually forgotten about it. Thanks for the remimder, it looks amazing and cheap @ $20!

  2. What a beautiful afternoon tea! And I admit I am very smitten with the scones at the QVB too and the fact that they use Royal Albert china :)

  3. ****anilou62****
    Yes, for $20 it is definately worth it. Plus, there is so much food you can take it home and morning tea from it the next day:) You could go there this weekend...but perhaps in the afternoon as the pageant is on. Thank you for visiting:)

    Hi again Lorraine:) You sound like me! I even made the QVB scone recipe from your blog (I should put it on my blog). Unfortunately I have a 25 year old bad quality oven, so they didn't go golden brown. Still buttery and yummy but not as nice as the QVB ones Mmmm:) Yes, and the Royal Albert! :D :D I was so excited about everything hehehe. Oh and TONGS to pick up sugar WOAH!

  4. Such a charming little spot! I wish we had them here in Melbourne!

  5. What a lovely place to visit! I have only been to Adelaide once and we stayed at Glenelg and there was the best european style ice cream shop there (sorry but i forget its name) - not quite high tea but it was delicious ice cream!

  6. ****Msihua****
    I am sure you have many beautiful places in Melbourne:)

    There are two European style ice cream shops in Glenelg, I'm pretty sure. I went to one of them, no idea which one and the vanilla ice cream was so good:) What flavour did you have?

  7. Ms Kim !!! Salut !!!
    Je vous te souhaite bon courage !!!
    Nice post !!! Good work !!!

  8. ****Kioshi****
    You wish me well for the dentist appointment? I think that's what you wrote...I hope:) If yes, then thank you. I like my dentist and he is very kind, so I should be fine:)

  9. Bonjour, Ms. Kim !!!
    Oui. C´est ce que je voulais dire. :)
    De rien !!!
    J´espère que vous êtes bien. :)
    Bonne chance !!!

  10. All this talk of delicious high tea... :( I found out I was gluten intolerant a couple of months ago, which has ruined my high tea excursions. So if anyone sees a gluten free high tea in Adelaide (or anywhere really), point it out!!!!