Sunday, 27 November 2011

T Bar, Adelaide

In the corner of the Adelaide Central Market, on the Gouger Street side, you will find the T Bar. The T Bar differentiates itself from other cafes by specialising in tea. You can have a cup of tea here without having to stick to the usual English breakfast, green, peppermint and chamomile that are offered in the average cafe.

 Teas, tea pots, mugs, cups and saucers at the T Bar

When I visit the T Bar, I first look at the pretty tea pots, cups, saucers and mugs available for sale. I have no intention of buying any of these items, but they look pretty :) The side wall of the cafe displays the various teas available for 'drink here' or 'purchase and brew at home' purposes. A sample of each tea is placed in a little jar, in front of the red tea packets, enabling you to open up the lid, have a smell and decide on which one tickles your fancy the most.

 The tables are made of wood! Not cheap plastic and not that fake wood that you find on the side of old televisions, microwaves and the inside of old buses. The tables do seem to be a little high compared to the chairs and I feel the need to sit on a pillow

My favourite place to sit is near the window as I like to watch people; people carrying large dogs around in their arms, parents about to have a nervous breakdown from their bawling children, people who buy 50kg of rice from the Asian supermarket and try to carry it home (how much rice do you really need?!), people having domestics in the street. Adelaide is so exciting!

Yes, that is a coffee machine

A visit a few weeks ago: Miss J and I order something to drink. At the T Bar you must order at the counter and the staff will bring your drinks to you. This means when you order you must place a belonging at the chair on which you wish to sit, to prevent other people from taking your chosen spot. A selection of food is also available; biscuits, cakes, sandwiches...but I do not feel compelled to purchase them.

 Hot chocolate $3.50 - Slightly too sweet for me. Also, why do I have a saucer that is meant for a coffee? I am not drinking coffee (I am past my one year, no coffee anniversary yay!) and do not like subtle advertising

 White jasmine tea $3.50 - It is nice and is served in a cup that I am still certain is actually a soup bowl

A visit this weekend: Alan and I killed some bus waiting time by having a hot chocolate at the T Bar. We were both quite disappointed with the hot chocolates we purchased. I find the cocoa I make at work to be more exciting and all that it contains is microwaved milk and a tea spoon of cocoa powder!

The disappointing hot chocolate. Yes, and not even the marshmallows made it non disappointing

I am still convinced that drinking tea in a cafe is a rip off. $3.50 for one cup of tea...I can buy 50 tea bags for $3.99 at unnamed duopoly supermarkets or around 100-200g of tea to take home for $7 at the T Bar. I didn't even use an Excel spreadsheet to work that one out!

But, if you wish to shop at the market on a Friday, night, the T Bar is a nice place to sit while you wait for the after work crowd to do their shopping and leave, especially if you sit at the window seat :)

What you need to know:
Where: 44 Gouger Street, Adelaide, 5000
When: Monday & Wednesday 08:00-17:00, Tuesday & Thursday 08:00-18:00, Friday 07:00-21:00, Saturday 07:00-16:00
Other: Staff know about the importance of steeping! There is also another store inside Adelaide Central Plaza, with different opening hours.
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  1. Bonjour, Ms. Kim. :)
    Vous êtes bon goût pour le thé.
    Nice place, nice country, nice day :)
    Could this be aero line !!! heh,heh,heh !!!
    Au revoir.

  2. Oh what a shame that this was a disappointment for you. I find sometimes hot chocolates are never as good as the ones you make at home for some reason!

  3. ****Kioshi****
    Ummm...I see the word 'tea'....I have no idea what the other French says :)

    Hello Lorraine:) You're right, the home made ones are the best. You choose if you want to use milk or cream, or both and which chocolate and how much:)