Thursday, 1 December 2011

Brasserie Restaurant, Adelaide Hilton, Adelaide

Earlier this year I purchased an Entertainment Book but up until last week I had only used one voucher from it, in order to receive a free icecream! The Brasserie offer in the Entertainment Book allows one to receive a complimentary main when another main of equal or greater value is purchased. Sounds good to me. I like complimentary things for they are my favourite things. I asked my auntie, Auntie W, to dine with me as a sort of birthday tea:)

We arrived early, just before 6pm making us the first guests of the night. If you want full waiting attention, your meal to be at your table within fifteen minutes and time to digest, arrive early. The Brasserie specialises in using local South Australian ingredients and this is evidenced by the menu which gives a little bit of information about the main South Australian ingredient in each dish.

We noticed that our menus (made from thin paper) were somewhat greasy and we asked for clean ones. The menu is also a little overwhelming/confusing, as it contains so much information and entrees and mains are separated by only a thin line

The chairs are too low for the tables; we felt like we had our elbows high into the air while eating. The floor is parquetry, which will be my choice of flooring when I am a lady of leisure;)

A waiter took our orders and offered us the usual bottled sparkling or still water. We asked for the tap water. I don't understand ordering bottled water when there is free water from a tap that is fit for consumption. I also do not understand sparkling water! The staff seemed well informed about the menu and the local ingredients.

Auntie W ordered the special, so I cannot refer to the online menu to figure out what it was (ahh I don't remember what kind it may have been snapper) on pearl barley risotto with Maggie Beer verjuice...and greens... (Note to self - take notes next time!)....$37

I ordered the kangaroo main; pepper berry and bush tomato rubbed kangaroo saddle, warrigal greens and muntree salad, quandong and dessert lime glaze with crispy saltbush, $33. Yes, I had no idea what any of that was, so I ordered it. Everything was lovely, except for the bush tomatoes. I could live my life without eating them again

The customer service throughout the evening was great...until it was time to pay the bill. It was so difficult to grab the attention of  a waiter in order to ask for the bill.  Eventually the little bill booklet was placed onto our table and we had another difficult time, trying to make eye contact with a waiter so that they could process the transaction. Eventually, the bill was paid.

After tea, we had a coffee/hot chocolate. However, not at the Brasserie, where a coffee will set you back $6! That must be some coffee but we were not interested in trying it. Potential for major let down.

 Hot chocolate in Victoria Square. I could taste chocolate!

Instead we walked over to Victoria Square and had our hot drinks (two for a total of $6.20!) at the cafe next to Dragon Fly Bar. The lady at the cafe thought it was crazy to charge $6 for a coffee!

An important question: 'Would I return to the Brasserie without an Entertainment Book offer?'
An important answer: No. Auntie W and I discussed this; The food was lovely but expensive. I found there was a lack of atmosphere at the Brasserie. When you're paying $30-$40 for a main and $6 for a coffee, you expect there to be some sort of atmosphere in a restaurant. The chairs were too low and I didn't like it. If I went again, I would take a booster seat or ask for a cushion from one of the hotel rooms.

What you need to know:
Where:233 Victoria Square, Adelaide 5000
When:Breakfast: Monday -Friday 06:30-10:30 and Saturday-Sunday 06:30-11:00. Lunch: Monday-Friday 12:00-14:30. Tea: Monday-Sunday from 18:00
Other: Soap in the women's bathroom makes your skin dry.
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  1. I guess that's the real test, whether you will come back without the card. Atmosphere is one of those things that can really affect a meal along with service.

  2. ****Lorraine****
    It would be interesting to see the % of Entertainment Book users who make a second visit to the various venues.

    I also wonder why venues have offers in these books - not enough customers and need to attract more, or simply to promote an already well running business.