Friday, 30 December 2011

Lucia's Pizzeria & Spaghetti Bar, Adelaide Central Markets

I have heard things about Lucia's; the coffee, the pasta, the atmosphere etc. I walk past Lucia's each Friday evening when I shop at the Adelaide Central Markets and it is always full! Must be good...or at least the chairs must be more comfortable than the public benches. Recently, I decided it was time to see what all the fuss was about.

I met Mr L at the designated meeting place; the camera shop across from Charlesworth nuts at 5.30pm. From the camrea shop we walked a whole ten seconds to Lucia's and luckily found a freshly cleared/cleaned/wiped table for ourselves inside.

It was SO WARM! If me, a long time sufferer of Raynaud's Disease was feeling the heat in there, it must have been super warm for a 'normal' person! I have no problem with warm surroundings; I like it. I used to do Bikram Yoga (yoga in a 50 degree room) and found it to be a 'pleasant temperature'.

 View from the table inside the bar, looking out to the markets

We both ordered a hot chocolate. Mr L also ordered a magherita pizza and said it was 'ok...nothing special'. Bit of a let down after all the hype and considering they have been serving pizzas here since 1957! Perhaps it was a one off 'ok...nothing special' pizza. Or perhaps Mr L has been to the world's best pizza shop making everything else seem mediocre in comparison. I did not order anything to eat as I was not hungry and if I was, I do not eat pizza/pasta. Though they probably have some soft of grain free item/s on the menu. So, the pizza was not great according to Mr L, but the hot chocolate...

Sweet, chocolately, foamy hot chocolate goodness, $3.50ish (I can't remember...)

The hot chocolate was spot on! The top is a thick layer of chocolate milk foam, topped with a puff of milky milk foam. At first it was hard to drink; I could not sip any hot chocolate out of the cup as all the milk foam was blocking it from escaping. I also had to be careful about not dunking my nose into the milk foam at the same time. I stirred it a little bit and it was then much easier to consume. Some may find the hot chocolate to be a little too sweet. I myself found it a tiny bit too sweet but I would still have ordered another one.

The decor is a little 'Brady Bunch'; the orange tables and the brown possibly fake leather (that fake leather you find in old buses) chairs. But it seems to work and I liked it

Mr L and I started to gather our belongings in order to leave and a lady asked if she could have the table after us. No problem. Then, as we stood another lady asked if she could have the table. We told her it was already 'booked' a few seconds prior to her request.  This second lady told the first one she had been waiting longer etc etc. Who cares!? I told them to both sit at the table as they are potential friends for one another. Maybe they are long lost friends. Maybe they share an interest. But, they did not care to find out and did not listen to me. Why are people so affraid of strangers? Sure, there's the 1% of morons/weirdos, but 99% of people are nice and even if they're not going to be your next best friend, I am sure you can bear their company for twenty minutes at a cafe.

 Lucia's Fine Foods

Next door to the pizzeria and spaghetti bar you will find Lucia's Fine foods, a delicatessan stocking items such as crusty breads, pastas, sauces, jams, olive oils and cakes. It is a nice shop with friendly staff (the man pictured here behind the counter is always happy and can cook a wonderful fregula :) ) and there is usually something out the front to taste; olive oil, breads and cakes.

If you are at the markets, do drop by for a hot chocolate. I am excited about my next hot chocolate at Lucia's:)

What you need to know:
Where: Adelaide Central Markets, Western wall
When:  Monday to Thursday 07:00 to 17:00, Friday 07:00 to 21:00, Saturday 07:00 to 15:00, closed Sunday
Other: Be prepared to wait for a a table and if feeling friendly, why not share with a random stranger?
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  1. That sounds like my type of hot chocolate :) to me the sweeter and thicker the better HAHAHA too bad the pizzas were bit of a let down ~ Happy New Years in advance!

  2. ****Daisy****
    You have good taste in hot chocolate:)

  3. Nice looking hot chocolate! Happy New Year and may you get to have a lovely and peaceful 2012!