Monday, 26 December 2011

The Mac Factory, Adelaide

Tucked above the post office on Hutt Street you will find The Mac Factory, Adelaide's first macaron house. I visited the Mac Factory with Mr L, to share with him his first macaron experience. I remember my first macaron experience, at the Tea Room in the Queen Victoria Building, Sydney. I did not think much of the macarons there. I was so eager to try them and my reaction was 'oh...hmmm'. Their scones with jam and cream are fantastic but their macarons failed to impress. If you are after macarons in Adelaide The Mac Factory is the place to be.

Up the stairs, past the little 'doggy park' and the balcony and you will find The Mac Factory:) Weeee! Excitement building up!

Owner Silvana likes dogs very much and therefore created this 'doggy park' on the stairs/balcony

The front room is bright and welcoming. On your right there are blackboards displaying the range of drinks (including real peppermint tea), icecreams, sundaes and juices available, as well as the prices of the macarons. The staff here are very friendly and are more than happy to talk to you about the Mac Factory and the finer details regarding their macarons.

 All the pretty macs

The hardest part of a Mac Factory visit is chosing which macarons to purchase. There are so many flavours including pistachio, watermelon, jaffa, peanut butter, salted caramel, raspberry, chocolate, passionfruit, coconut and white chocolate...and more. A range of Christmas macarons were also created which included gingerbread, cranberry and Christmas pudding.

Mr L and I ordered a hot chocolate each and some macarons to share. Talking to Silvana after having consumed the macarons, we realised that we ate them incorrectly. The macs here are kept in a fridge, therefore you should leave them for a while before you consume them, allowing them to warm to room temperature first. This achieves maximum yumminess. We ate them straight out of the fridge but still enjoyed them very much.

Macarons ($2.50 each) are served on coloured plates with a very attractive knife. Mmm attractive cutlery

We ordered the salted caramel, white chocolate coconut, bubble gum and....I do not remember what the brown and green one was. Salted caramel is my favourite as it is chewy, salty and lingers around in your mouth. The white chocolate coconut is very soft and delicate. The bubble gum....I did not think I would enjoy it but I was wrong. It is exactly like bubble gum! The texture too! Just like bubble gum!:) Mr L and I were quite amazed.

Hot chocolate, $3.50

I had told Mr L that the hot chocolates here were something else. On previous visits, I was served a hot chocolate that was more like chocolate soup, in a small cup. It was perfect. On this visit the hot chocolate seemed different and was served in a  bigger cup. I was disappointed as I found it too watery and not hot enough. Next time, I will have one of the juices; apple pear and GINGER! :)

Sitting on the balcony:)

 Effie, the now famous dog on the balcony's 'doggy park'

The seating inside, for when the weather is bad or if there are scary dogs on the balcony. We visited late in the evening, hence the absence of other customers

For avid cooks, aspiring chefs, bakers and hungry people, there is the Book Nook. The Book Nook is a room inside the Mac Factory, dedicated to books about food. You can find everything here from Women's Weekly books to cooking books to books about baking for dogs.

So many books, not enough money

We talked to the joyful Silvana just before we left. Silvana makes the macarons and was going to be at the Mac Factory until midnight, mixing, baking and maccing away. She explained that only two macarons, the watermelon and bubble gum contain cooking essences imported from Europe. These are high quality essences and cost around $50 for 100mL if I remember correctly! All other macs are made using purees. Silvana aims to make the best macs; I think she does a very good job:)

Walking back to the city we Ooo'ed and Ahhh'ed at the bike shop on Grenfell Street

The question is, will the macaron craze continue on? Will there be a demise in the popularity of the colourful chewy macaron? Will they turn into the next finger bun? Do people eat finger buns anymore? I live under a rock most of the time, so I do not really know. I assume they're not too popular anymore and other morning/afternoon tea treats have taken top spot. In regards to this finger bun issue, I say it needs to make a come back....with sultanas and a thick layer of butter;)

In regards to the macaron issue, I do not know. But I believe the Mac Factory has a few point of differences that will keep it going strong; fantastic macarons with rotating flavours, the Book Nook and the friendly, relaxed customer service. Each time I have visited the service has been with a smile and the staff have always been welcoming and happy.

Where:190 Hutt Street, Adelaide. Above the post office
When: Monday/Tuesday closed, Wednesday/Thursday 10:00 - 19:00, Friday/Saturday 10:00 - 20:00, Sunday 10:00 - 19:00
Other: The Mac Factory will be closed for holidays, but this gives you a chance to add it to your 2012 'to do list'. Check the Facebook page for updates regarding opening hours.
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  1. More macaron photos!! Woohoo...can't get enough of them :D They really do have a lot of flavours don't they...I would have bought one of each takeaway like I always do...just can't resist even though I don't eat much sweets..

  2. What a great looking place! And yes choosing the macaron is quite a difficult process I'd imagine! :D

  3. OMG!! WOW this place is HEAVEN! I love macarons! How long has this place been open? Cuz i was in Adelaide last year I dun think i saw this place ~ Can't wait to go!!! :) Happy holidays!

  4. I was at the Mac factory earlier this year when I was travelling through Adelaide. You are right this place is Heaven. They have the best macarons.

  5. Wow! It kind of reminds me of a little heavenly cottage from Enid Blyton :)

  6. If you're ever in Sydney you gotta check out Baroque in The Rocks! Their macarons are simple and classic but so amazing!

  7. ****Akkika****
    You always buy one of each flavour?! Wow! I would be broke if I did that:)

    Not only with macarons - chosing any kind of dessert is always difficult

    I think the Mac Factory has been opened for around a year now...I think. It is tucked away above the post office so perhaps you missed it.

    Did you find any other nice places in Adelaide?

    ****Mis I-Hua****
    Macaron house - who needs a gingerbread house! :)

    Thank you for the suggestion. I just looked at their website and they are closed until 15th January. Next time I am in Sydney I will see if I can visit.

    Thank you for visiting everyone. Have a happy weekend:)