Friday, 9 December 2011

Tin Cat Cafe, Kent Town

My hobbies: baking and walking. I enjoy walking so much. Each Saturday and Sunday morning I power walk between 4 and 6km. I do it again in the evening. Not only is walking great exercise (I used to be a lazy blob who struggled walking up the street. Now I walk everywhere, which means I can eat cake and not return to my former state of blobiness) but it is great for you mentally. You can relax, think, take in your surroundings, hear the birds and smell the flowers:)

Alan and I walked the Tin Cat Cafe in Kent Town, from South Terrace. Such a nice, 3.5km walk. As we walked, we peeked in shop windows, watched people and felt the cool air on our faces. We approached the Tin Cat Cafe, Entertainment Book card in hand and knew there was the potential for awesomeness: flower boxes, balcony with decorative fencing, lanterns, a pretty window and an old blue chair out the front.

Stepping inside the cafe, we were greeted with a friendly smile and shown to our table for the evening. The table was no ordinary table, but a 1950s style laminex table just like at my grandma's house! We sat close to the bar and next to some pretty flowers.

Gladioli and some 'Christmas flowers' (I don't know the name so that is what I call them)

We were handed our menus and a member of staff explained the evening's specials to us. Unlike at most restaurants, this member of staff didn't stand up whilst speaking to us. Instead she crouched down a little next to the table meaning we did not have to crane our necks to speak to her. I really liked it. At other restaurants you feel that there is a big space between you and the staff, but here you feel close and cosy. This staff member was amazed at the fact we walked to the restaurant and chatted to us about people's views towards walking and how much she enjoys riding her bike:)

The water is served in pretty bottles!

The restaurant is also a gallery space and there are colourful pictures hanging on the walls. And that is what you call a light fitting!

Browsing over the menu, we ordered our food for the night: some herring to share, steak and duck. The service was efficient and the food was brilliant!

Saffron soused herring, orange aioli and young herbs, $12

We decided to order the herring as it was 'saffron soused' and we had never tried saffron before. But of course, this meant that we didn't pick up the saffron taste, as we didn't know what it tastes like. At first I thought the herring would be extremely fishy; my only other herring experience was in Hamburg - it was slimy and like taking a bite out of a fish I had just scooped out of the water! This however was delightful. Oh and the bread! I don't eat bread, but I had a little taste. So soft! Alan's wine recommendation for the herring dish is the 'playful sister' wine, the Pinot Gris.

Alan's 18 day dry aged porterhouse, roast Swiss browns and truffled glaze, $34

A hearty piece of porterhouse arrived at the table for Alan. It looked so good that I for a moment wished I had ordered the steak instead of the duck. The steak was cooked rare and was spiced in a way that I found it tasted some what 'wintery' and 'earthy', both of which I like very much.

My duck breast, grilled stone fruit and witlof, walnuts, orange and mustard vinagarette, $32

I knew the duck would be good but it was even better than I had expected. The combination of duck, duck fat (yum yum fat! It wont make you fat; There were no fat cavemen!), grilled apricot/nectarine (or was it peach...?) and walnut is a new 'classic' (yes, just like milo on vanilla ice cream with cornflake and cheese with gerkin *nods*). The vinaigrette was tasty and yum yum! I liked it so much! Ahhh! I didn't give compliments to the chef. Do people actually do that or does it only happen in movies?

Ooo little chocolate Christmas puddings. Alan and I didn't have one as we were going to make a good old fashioned home made dessert:)

I feel the need to have an extension laminex table!

We asked for the bill and one member of staff 'subtly' placed the dessert menu in front of us. I thought it was funny as she even said 'I will subtly place the dessert menus on the table for you' :) The bill is 'served' on a pretty plate with complimentary sugared almonds. 'Alan, are these those things they have at weddings?'. I bit into it and thought 'Ahh there go my teeth'; I thought it would be soft (I haven't been to a wedding since the 90s). Now I know for future reference and so do you!

We were guided to the big door on our way out and were wished a happy evening by another friendly member of staff. Everyone here is so friendly. Alan and I thoroughly recommend the Tin Cat Cafe. There is laminex! Laminex! What else do we need to say?! The food is beautiful but there is also character; the cafe itself and the staff. You feel so welcome and at home. That is what makes this restaurant special and what makes you feel special too:)

An important question: 'Would I return to the Tin Cat Cafe without an Entertainment Book offer?'
An important answer: Yes, for reasons highlighted above.

Oh yes, the home made dessert....;)

At your next 'cocktail party' or 'nibbles event' (oh how I hate the word 'nibbles), why not serve a delicious Coles vanilla wafer topped with a rectangle of Aero bar?

Then, Alan's express hotel trifle. This time, we used Aero bar and the wafer biscuits. Flake and Scotch Finger work better

Where:107 Rundle Street, Kent Town 5067
When: Wednesday to Friday 10am til late, Saturday 9am til late, Sunday 9am to 4pm. Closed between 4pm and 6pm daily
Other: The knives could do with some sharpening/steak knives could be offered with meat dishes. There is also a garden out the back:)
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  1. Hahaha Love the home made dessert bit :) I can never resist and will order dessert and then go home and make some more gosh i'm so bad! hahaha Can't wait to go to Adelaide again and try all the places you've recommended on your blog!

  2. What a great place! I love the little touches that often add polish and warmth to a restaurant. And it looks like they know exactly how to cook meat too!

  3. ****Never too sweet for me****
    Hello again:) Hehe. I'm impressed that you're impressed with the home made dessert. Some desserts in restaurants are too complicated - there's nothing wrong with a $0.65 packet of vanilla wafer biscuits. They're actually really good!

    Hi Lorraine:) Oh yes, they can cook meat. If only I could cook meat properly. Yes, some little touches, some small thoughts go a long way.

  4. Your home made dessert looks amazing!!

  5. ****Gninethree****
    hehe. Thank you:)