Monday, 29 August 2011

Hazelnut chocolate cake, open garden

I did it everyone; I made a chocolately hazelnut chocolate cake! Thank you Australian Women's Weekly for the recipe:)

On Friday evening my dad picked me up from work as he was driving past on his way home. I like being driven home from work:) I like avoiding the bus! We went to Foodland on the way home as I wanted to purchase cake ingredients. The staff at Foodland are highly trained in food knowledge. When I applied for a job there I was rejected. I assume I was to stupid to work at a supermarket because you need to be very clever and have a vast knowledge of foods that my brain simply wouldn't be able to handle.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Stewed rhubarb

My auntie has a vegetable garden and gave us some rhubarb! RHUBARB! I think it is an under appreciated fruit/vegetable. I don't think your average check out staff would know what rhubarb is.

My grandma makes a very nice stewed rhubarb, but she adds a lot of sugar to it. I think the fruit to sugar ratio is 1:1! My auntie had a whole pot of stewed rhubarb in her fridge, made with no sugar, so I was able to taste some yesterday evening. You don't need sugar in it at all! So, last night I made healthy stewed rhubarb.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Apple chocolate cake

I have a 'baking to do list'. One item on the list is a one bowl chocolate cake. During the week, I searched for chocolate cake recipes to bake this weekend. They were all so unhealthy! 400g of chocolate! 200g of sugar! 250g of butter! That's a little too rich for me. If I had a reason (birthday party etc) to bake such a rich cake, I would have baked it. That way everyone would have only consumed one piece and not four.

This meant I didn't bake a chocolatey chocolate cake. I instead baked an almond apple chocolate cake. The recipe which I found again on NQN.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Asian porridge; congee

Last week I tasted the delightful Asian rice porridge, congee. I enjoyed the congee so much that even though I do NOT EAT RICE, I made it yesterday and ATE it too!