Monday, 26 September 2011

CWA Marble cake

 My grandma sometimes purchases a European style Gugelhupf marble cake. It is really really good. I wanted to make a similar cake using a recipe from, but the recipe list called for rum. I don't have rum and will not purchase rum as I do not drink alcohol so it would just sit there and rot away (if rum rots), so no Gugelhupf German Marmorkuchen for me (Marmorkuchen is German for marble cake).

Monday, 19 September 2011

Berry galettes

If you had asked me what a 'galette' was a few weeks ago, I wouldn't have had a clue. However, while stumbling acorss Helene's blog Tartelette, I found out! Helene is a once a pastry chef turned food photographer. She can definately take photos! I've been clicking around her blog and thinking to myself 'Oooo I want to eat that....and that....woah that looks so good!' Helene's galettes looked so tasty/perfect/wonderul and I had all the ingredients bar the I gave them a go! bigsmile

Tip: If you live in Australia and would need to take out a mortgage in order to buy fresh berries, buy frozen. A 1kg bag of berries costs only $9!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Saurekraut for lunch

Yesterday I purchased sauerkraut from Seven Hill Fine Food. The sauerkraut is home made and costs only $2.50 for 500g! That is so cheap! Sauerkraut is very good for you - it's a fermented food. Fermented foods provide the gut with good probiotics and sauerkraut provides your body with vitamin C and apparently has cancer fighting benefits. Oh and it tastes really good too!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Baked apples

During my weekly market visit on Friday evening I found some Granny Smith apples for only $1.99/kg! I bought them as I had an idea: I would make baked apples! My mind told me baked apples would be like apple cake...wintery apple cake as I would add cinnamon and nutmeg into the fruit mix:D

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Make your own yogurt

Other people my age purchase mp3 players, laptops, tablets (someone at work was talking about a $99 tablet and I was about to say 'That's expensive for medication', until I worked out what they were talking about), alcohol, clothes....and I buy a YOGURT MAKER! It was only $20

Monday, 5 September 2011

Jam drops

During the week I saw some photos of jam drops on Peter's website, Souvlaki for the Soul and thought they looked so tasty! Therefore, I baked them yesterday:) They remind me of those jam tart biscuits I used to eat when I was 6 years old and pretty. I searched the biscuit aisle shelves at the supermarket for these certain jam tart biscuits during the week but did not have any luck in locating them.

Although my oven doesn't usually enjoy baking biscuits for me (it never turns biscuits the desired 'golden brown' colour), I found out that it does bake jam drops:) They're almost like a short bread, not that I have ever baked short bread...or eaten shortbread in the last two-ish years. But, I think they're like short bread.... Jam drops are really very easy to make, they do not take long to prepare/bake and you're likely to have all the ingredients at home, so no visit to the supermarket will be required. In case you do not have almond meal, there are recipes online which eliminate the almond meal.