Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mandarin House and Gelatissimo, Adelaide

The other day I had lunch at Mandarin House on Gouger Street with my grandma and Entertainment Book voucher. We first went to the Central Market to buy mushrooms, ground ginger, Polish sausage and fruit. By 11.30am we were ready for lunch, however the restaurant did not open until 12noon. Why is it assumed that everyone is ready for lunch at 12noon? Why can I not order lunch at the majority of restaurants at 11am? This is discrimination against people like me who wake up at 4.50am each morning - we are ready for lunch at 11.00am! Or 10.00am....

The restaurant is quite visually appealing from the inside and outside. Wooden framed accordion style windows are open for air circulation purposes, but it was still very hot inside on this warm day. My legs felt wet from the sweat running down them and I was afraid I would become stuck to the wooden chair.

The friendly waitress took our orders and seemed to be in a rush to finish cleaning the floor, although we were the only ones in the restaurant at the time. We ordered the plain mixed vegetables, crispy skin duck and fried fish fillet with vegetables.

The serving sizes here are very big, so if there are only two of you, I would recommend ordering only two dishes...or even one to share!

Plain mixed vegetables, $11.80. They were nice, nothing special.

I did not take a picture of the fish with vegetables. It was pretty much the above plain mixed vegetables, with fish. I was expecting a fillet of fish...instead it was little pieces of fish with vegetables.

Crispy skin duck, $17.80ish

I am no expert when it comes to crispy duck; I have had it only once before. However, the crispy duck I had previously was juicy and tender. This duck was dry inside and the skin was so crispy that there were parts I could not eat as they were so hard.

We did not finish all the food we ordered as we needed to save room for ice cream. On a hot day, ice cream is very important. When the waitress gave us our bill she also gave us a take away container for the leftovers, which was good, as I forgot to ask for a container. The meal with the 25% Entertainment Book voucher was $33 in total. Not too bad for the amount of food we received. Though I thought charging $0.50 for water was a bit cheap. Water does not cost anything!

Gelatissimo, also on Gouger Street

Also in the Entrainment Book is a voucher for a buy one get one free gelato at Gelatissimo, just a short walk from Mandarin House:) My grandma and I ordered a chocolate truffle and vanilla ice cream. I had the vanilla, it was quite good but not the best I have tasted. That Weis vanilla from the supermarket is still superior; it is surprisingly good for a supermarket ice cream!

Mmmm vanilla gelato in a crunchy cone

A question: 'Would I return to the Mandarin House or Gelaissimo without an Entertainment Book offer?'
An answer: 
Mandarin House: No, unless someone else was paying for my meal. There was nothing special about the meal. It filled me up. That is all. I would rather go to yum cha for some tasty chicken feet.
Gelatissimo: I enjoyed the gelato, it was very good. My grandma enjoyed hers too. But, I do not eat a lot of ice cream and never by myself. So, if someone else wanted ice cream as well, yes, I would return.

What you need to know:
Mandarin House:
Where: 47 Gouger Street, Adelaide
When:  Unknown...lunch at least
Other:Go to the markets after your lunch Weee:)
Website <-Unknown

Where: 101 Gouger Street, Adelaide
When:  Unknown
Other: Both indoor and outdoor seating available
Website <-Click

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  1. Good Morning :) thanks for recommending The Swiss Cottage!

    A shame that the food at Mandarin House wasn't very good :( that crispy duck does look a little dry >_< but doesn't matter at least you got a discount :) i miss my Entertainment book haven't been using it much lately hehe

    I don't remember the last time I had Gelatissimo but i've gotta go and use my voucher soon ~

  2. Hahaha, I am so with you on that part why restaurants assume that everyone has lunch at noon; it's so generic, isn't it? I am like you, I wake up early and like my meals early, it's just who we are! I get crossed when I see some places which are open but tell me that they are not serving lunch until 12, and proceed to look at you like you're some hungry gluttons ready to pounce on their shop, ughs!:( We are not weird people, we are normal and much more healthy than them, thank you very much and we are not desperate to eat at their places:p

    Sounds like the lunch is not really a satisfying one; and I do hate it when restaurants charge for water, yeah, really cheapskate!:P

  3. Oh what a shame about the meal, crispy duck or chicken can be so good when done well! :)