Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bargain bin delights: mango yoghurt from the Fleurieu Yoghurt Company

It's time for another bargain bin delight. You know the story; bargains, fun, stinginess. Let's start! This week (ok, some weeks ago and this post has just been sitting around doing nothing) in the bargain bin at Foodland, I found a 250g container of mango yoghurt from the Fleurieu Yoghurt Company. 'Fresh from the farmer to the consumer'...if it does not end up in the bargain bin, that is.

What a bargain! Was $2.59, but marked down to $1.49! The lid highlights the fact that this product contains no preservatives, no rBGH, is gluten free, probiotic, low GI and halal certified.

So the words on the lid sound good, even though I do not know what rBGH is and am too lazy to google it. The ingredients also look harmless: full cream milk, skim milk powder, sucrose, cream, honey, mango (minimum 8%), pectin (440), ABC (active) cultures. No sugar? Wrong, sucrose is sugar. Yes, they have cleverly listed 'sugar' as 'sucrose'. I found this somewhat sneaky. The total sugar content of this product is 14.6%.

Upon opening the golden foil lid you are greeted with a white yoghurt topped with a joyfully coloured yellow/orange mango 'sauce'. Very pretty. The yoghurt is quite thick (which reminded me of sweet chili Philadelphia cheese...which I have not consumed for three years, so I have no idea why this connection was made in my brain), rich and also creamy.

The mango sauce actually tastes close enough to a mango and you can also taste a hint of honey. I was expecting the sauce to taste nothing like a mango (instead that fake mango flavour), so this was a good sign. This product was too sweet for me, but I did enjoy it. I even licked the lid!

I shared the yoghurt with my dad and his reaction was 'Your yoghurt is better. Can I say that?' Yes, you can:)  Part proceeds from the sale of this product are donated to the 'Little Heroes Foundation', which assists children who are suffering from cancer and other illnesses.

If you are after a fruity, thick yogurt and like mango, then you may enjoy this product. You could also make your own mango yoghurt without the sugar, by mixing plain natural yoghurt with mango. Wow, so creative. I would not buy this product again as it was too sweet for my liking. I've noticed many yoghurts are too sweet for me. Why do yoghurt manufacturers not make a flavoured yet non sweet yoghurt?

Have a pleasant weekend:) I am doing a tax project....

The expressions above are my opinions/experiences of the above product/s which were sourced from a supermarket bargain bin, at the time of consumption.


  1. I love the bargain bins!!! you can get some really good deals as long as you pay attention to the expire date. Seems like you scored with this yogurt!

    1. Sometimes you can find really good deals. Sometimes not - that is, the product expires tomorrow and you only save $0.10!

  2. I never really look at the sugar content of recipes but perhaps I should! 14.6% sounds quite high!

    1. When cooking from a recipe, I usually try to halve the amount of sugar. But when shopping I am very paranoid about sugar.

  3. I hate it when places disguise sugar by calling it something else :P glad to hear that this yoghurt at has some real mango taste ~ you said that it was a little sweet hehe that means it's perfect for me YAY!