Thursday, 8 March 2012

Bliss Organic Garden Cafe

The Bliss Organic Garden Cafe, a popular place for purchasing vegan food and drinks in Adelaide. It never occurred to me to visit this cafe. Afterall, I like meat, eggs, cheese, butter and all things animal-ey. Although I never called myself a 'vegan', there was a time in my life where I did not consume animal products as I was scared of becoming fat and therefore ate no meat (I now eat meat and it does not make you fat), had a fear of consuming milk (pregnant cow juice) and thought eggs were too weird (there is supposed to be a chicken inside...).

With Mr L (who is a vegan, although I have seen him consume milk and eat biscuits), I visited the cafe. It was quite busy inside for a cafeon a little side street. I do understand why Bliss is so popular; there is HOT APPLE JUICE amongst other thngs such as a relaxing garden court yard and friendly, helpful staff who do not think you are weird for ordering a sugar free hot chocolate.

We ordered three drinks at the front counter; a flat white for Mr L, a hot chocolate for me and a hot apple juice to share. From the counter we proceeded to the court yard.

Table numbers

Instead of the boring plastic table numbers you find at most places, Bliss has personalised decorated table numbers. Even more amazing is that each side of the cardboard is painted with a different colour/pattern and has a different quote. Personalisation and effort. I like it.

Flat white, $3.50

Mr L thought his coffee was quite tasty. That is all I can say; I do no drink coffee and did not taste it.

Hot chocolate, without sugar, $4.00

The hot chocolate looked so pretty. I liked the fact that the milk foam was not 'perfect' and had chunks of cocoa peeping through it. The man at the counter kindly made it sugar free for me, upon my request. It was good but I think it was made with soy milk?

Their website says that instead of using cow's milk they use soy, rice or oat milk instead. Soy milk...I'd rather have 'pregnant cow juice' any day. I am against soy, but the reasons why are boring so you can research it yourself...but you probably do not care and that is ok too:)

What I think was soy milk...bit scary, but I drank it anyway:)

Hot apple juice, $4.00; organic apple juice infised with lemon thyme, cinnamon and cloves

This is the drink I will be going back for. It was amazingly good! Mr L thought so too. It was hot, sweet, spicy and clovey. The smell was lovely. I have to make this at home; where can one buy lemon thyme?

Bliss has many sections to it which I will share with you below.

The front room of the cafe - with world map!

To the side of the counter, a shop section with additional seating. Vegan treats can be found in the fridge

To the side of the section above, a small cosy room (there are two of these rooms)

In conclusion, my frist vegan cafe experience was a positive one. I shall be back for a hot apple juice, until I find where to buy my own lemon thyme. I am also tempted to try the vegan cake, which looked very appealing when it was being served to fellow customers. Everyone seemed to be ordering this beautiful cake!

Bliss Organic Garden Cafe
Where: 7 Compton Street, Adelaide
When:  Monday-Thursday 11.00-16.00, Friday 08.00-16.00 & 18.00-21.00, Saturday 08.00-15.00, Sunday open for cooking classes, movies and talks
Other: Toilets door did not open - not sure if there was someone in there or if it does not open....
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**All dining/product reviews are based on my experience at the time of dining/consumption.


  1. The hot apple juice sounds so intriguing and something I would love to try!

  2. I've never heard or thought 'hot' apple juice existed lol but i'm intrigued to try too :) glad your first experience at a vegan cafe was pleasant :) I have a really good friend who's recently become vegetarian and her bf is a vegan she's been meaning to take me to a vegan cafe but I've rejected her a couple of time...maybe I should give it a shot too :) you went sugar free with your hot chocolate? :) I bet it wouldn't be sweet enough for me hahaha

  3. ****Anna****
    You could make a hot apple juice at home, even if you do not have lemon thyme. You could add honey, cloves, nutmeg and cimmaon into the juice.

    Did your friends only become vegetarian as a result of her vegan boyfriend? Haha you rejected her! I am sure you can find something at a vegan cafe that you like.

  4. That hot apple juice sounds divine! Will definitely be doing that for Winter! :D

  5. Hot apple juice? That's a new one for me. I would love to try that. That cafe looks like it's got a great vibe. Next time I'm in Adelaide...


  6. ****Lorraine****
    It would be great in Winter, along with hot orange juice:)

    ****Hotly Spiced****
    Try it and let me know what you think:) Some people I know have been hesitant to try hot juice but they have loved it!

  7. I for one can vouch the quality of hot juice, and not just for Winter! I was first offered some by Miss Kimbers who was adamant it was the greatest thing you could do with juice, so I open mindedly tried some and WOW, it was fantastically wonderful! Heating up juice gives it a new depth of flavour you wouldn't get from normal cold juice. Now I'd like to experiment various juices with herbs and spices to see what works!

  8. ****Anonymous****
    Yay you liked it:)

  9. Woohoo! I have finally found someone who dislikes Soy Milk too!! This is good, because till date virtually everyone around me (except the family members) loooove Soy Milk and I have no clue why. I would rather have pregnantcowjuice any day.

  10. I have it on good authority that Bliss Cafe serves soy milk by default - an answer to all the places that make you ask for it - but will provide cow milk on request... and the same authority tells me that rice milk beats soy milk any day.

    I have it on even better authority that Mr L is not actually vegan, even though he wants to be. I believe he's trying to get back to veganness, but keeps being tempted by pizza.

    His dog would not like to be vegan.

    I have it on excellent authority that he is, at this very moment, craving hot spiced apple juice. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    1. It would be a bit mean not to provide cow's milk wouldn't it? If I invite a vegetarian over for tea, politeness tells me I should provide some vegetables amongst the masses of all things meaty. Therefore, a vegan restaurant should provide milk amongst all the soy.

      I want spiced apple juice too!:)

  11. Aww, you're making me nostalgic for Adelaide! Their ginger hot choc is pretty amazing, too. You definitely need ot go back and try some of the food, it's amazing! Even if you're not a tofu lover, their scramble will knock your freakin' socks off!

    1. Ginger hot chocolate?! I imagine it is also made with real ginger:) Mmmm. If you like ginger, you may like hot orangejuice with a little ginger cooked in with it.

  12. I was there today. Not a single animal product on the premises and the food is heathy and fresh. They will make your hot choc with soy, rice or oat milk. Their bliss burger is amazing as is everything on the menu. For a treat their bliss bomb is sweet heaven! My favorite place to go when I visit from the country.