Friday, 30 March 2012

House/kitty sitting on a Sunday afternoon/evening

Last weekend my friend Alan and I had the pleasure of playing the role of house and cat sitters for my auntie. Delia, the very talkative cat pictured above, was our host for the weekend. You've met people who never stop talking? Well, this cat is like that. Meow meow meow. I found that brushing her seems to keep her content:) On Sunday afternoon we sat oustide and played 'tea party' (well, I played 'tea party') and then cooked a tasty tea.

Afternoon tea
Tea party, complete with egg timer (for the cake in the oven) and Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals

English breakfast? No, we had Australian afternoon tea:)

Grain and sugar free carrot banana cake, with yoghurt

The cake turned out lovely! It was moist, bananery yet carrotey.  I think the fact that my auntie's house was a bakery up until 1945 may have something to do with the quality of the cake being so high. Her house was made for baking! I took some cake to work and my co-worker who does not eat grains or sugar described the cake as 'awesome' Yay!:) You can find the recipe here. All you need to do is substitute the stewed apple for 1/2 a banana and add more mixed spice. Slice the other half of the banana and place the slices onto the top of the cake for decoration.


Scallops with asparagus and baby leek

This was my very first non yum cha scallop experience. It was better than yum cha scallop dumplings!:) Healthy, tasty, buttery and leeky. I have developed an appreciation for the humble leek. Do you think eating outside makes food taste better?


Pan seared kangaroo with blueberries, shallots and red wine sauce and brocoli

We originally wanted to make Jamie Oliver's pan seared venison dish, but failed to find venison. The best substitute we could think of was kangaroo and  it was a good substitute:) I did not think I would like the sauce, as it contained wine. However, I susprised myself and my taste buds enjoyed it very much. The kangaroo was soft , juicy and a lovely pink colour inside. Note to self - eat more kangaroo!

Recipe: Jamie Oliver's pan seared venison with blueberries, shallots and red wine


Vanilla slice

First up on the serving plate was a vanilla slice from Chocoholics Synonymous (I think this was the name of the stall) at the Adelaide Showground Farmer Market. The slice's top and bottom layers were chocolate and the middle some soft of vanilla custardy/cake. Whatever it was, Alan and I both enjoyed it! However, Alan still says his favourite vanilla slice is from Mick's Bakery in Wagga Wagga. He also says that it is so good that when I visit him in Sydney we could drive to Wagga Wagga just for a vanilla slice! :O

Belgian chocolate ganache raspberry tart

This tart looked so pretty sitting in the display cabinet at Chocoholics Synonymous. Unfortunately it did not live up to its looks in our opinion. Although we did enjoy the chocolate and real raspberry filling, we were very disappointed with the crust. We found it to be too dry and too hard - the kind of hard where your spoon does not dig through it and you feel like you need to stab it with a gardening fork.

So, that was my weekend. I am now back on a diet of peas, boiled egg and walking super fast in order to prepare for next weekend's Easter eating in Sydney:)


  1. What a lovely afternoon tea! That reminds me I should get prepared for the chocolate and hot cross bun fest that is Easter! :P

    1. Good luck with your preparation. I ate too much chocolate today and now feel all blehhhh.

  2. I have a friend who house-sits for people all the time :) Great idea to have an afternoon tea ~ Everything looks so lovely! The scallops look like something from a restaurant!!! :D

    1. That is kind of you:) I shall let Alan know that you like his food presentation skills.

  3. That's very good of you to be looking after the cat. I'm sure you had a fun weekend.

    1. It was lots of fun. I would like to house sit again:)

  4. Woah I have no cat, but you're welcome to cat sit anytime with that feast!