Saturday, 14 April 2012

A Visit to Cabramatta...and the continuation of the real Easter egg hunt

I want to live in Cabramatta! If you thought China Town was fun, you need to go to Cabramatta. The suburb is situated around 40km south west of Sydney and is home to Australia's largest Vietnamese population. My Sunday afternoon Cabramatta fun started with yum cha and ended with a hunt for both Easter eggs and taro ice cream.

Some handy Cabramatta tips:)

Cabramatta tip 1: In order to save time searching for a car park, park on the street. Make sure you pay attention to parking restrictions. You do not want to be on the naughty list.

Cabramatta tip 2: If you have access to elastic waisted pants, wear them, along with a baggy shirt.

Cabramatta tip 3: If you are on a strict diet, stay at home. If you are on the 'see food' diet in which you see food and eat it, then you will love Cabramatta:)

Having walked 2km from the on street car park to the main shopping area of Cabramatta, we were ready for some yum cha fuel goodness!

Tranh Tam is tucked above a set of escalators, a fashion shop and furniture storage rooms (there were empty rooms with furniture in them...?) in a building. I don't know if I could find my way there again. It is a big restaurant which serves a great yum cha in my opinion. In Alan's opinion 'the yum cha used to be better'.

A tasty yum cha lunch of crispy squid, prawn pancake things, pipi (the muscles), steamed greens, chicken feet, prawn dumplings and dim dims...approx. $60

We worked out the trolley girls and ladies will stop asking you if you would like more dishes, once you have seven dishes on your table. This must be the optimal amount of food for two people...two very hungry people. My advice if you do not want a surprise on the bill; beware of the pipi. A plate like the one shown above will set you back $16.90! Yum cha has no prices on display!

Dessert time!

Blurry red bean sesame balls, $0.90 each. We bought these ones form a little bakery. They were stored in a heating unit, but were unfortunately not hot at all! I prefer the Bread Top sesame balls

There is always time for more dessert...right? Even if you are full from yum cha and sesame balls...


Alan told me about a packaged taro ice cream he had tasted and how great it was. I of course had to try it. We walked from Asian supermarket to Asian supermarket on the hunt for this taro ice cream. We could not find it anywhere!

Ooo ice cream shop!

I then spotted this shop, which sold ice cream. They have 'Asian' flavours! It was not what we were looking for, but we decided to give it a try anyway. The young man who served us was very friendly and smiley:) I think he enjoys working in an ice cream shop. I know I would enjoy it;)

Black sesame, taro and lychee ice cream $6

I have forgotten what the ice cream brand was but I like their ice cream. The lychee was lovely and refreshing, the black sesame nice and thick and tasted like sesame, which was quite strange for me. I was amazed. The taro had little specks of taro throughout but could have been stronger in flavour.

Cabramatta tip 4: Avoid sitting on the outside benches under trees, especially when eating ice cream. There are birds in the trees that have also eaten too much.

"Alan, there's a Woolworths over there!!! Maybe they still have Easter eggs!!!"

This Woolworths had potential for chocolate in egg form

So....did we put an end to our failed real Easter egg hunt?

We sure did. Though the pickings were slim and some of the chocolates all smashed up, there was still chocolate available and in egg form. Plus, it was all soooo cheap!

Kinderton Bubbly Bunny, on special for approx. $0.42

Just like an Aero Bar but super cheap. Soy Leichtin has never tasted so good

Thomas the Tank Engine Chocolate Speckled Eggs...not sure how much they were

Hmm...a little too sweet and crunchy for me. However, the inside was tasty

An egg from a random packet of eggs...with a hole in it....

Tip the egg over and there are fake Smarties inside:)

Is there still room for dessert?


Coconut durian candy, $2.60 from an Asian supermarket

Unfortunately these tasted more like coconut than durian fruit. I still have no idea what durian fruit tastes like:( If you buy these lollies, have some hand sanitiser/tissue near by. They are really greasy.

When we purchased the ice cream, we noticed the shop also sold moccha buns. We returned buy one:) Just to try!

Mocha butter bun from the ice cream shop, $2.20

Alan and I were disappointed with the bun. Although it was buttery (was it real butter or margarine...I do not know), it did not taste like mocha. We ate half and placed the other half in the bin.

As I am typing I am starting to feel sick. Too much food!

But not quite enough yet.

We were on our way back to the car so that Alan could get rid of me at the airport. We peeked into one last Asian supermarket in search of Alan's taro ice cream. There it was! Ahhhh!

Taro ice cream, the pink/purple wrapping, top middle $1.00!!! Bargain!

By this stage, my taste buds were rather dead. I could taste a feint taro flavour in this ice cream but the main thing I tasted was 'cold'. We found this ice cream on the same block as the H&R Block. So just circle the block and you will find it eventually:)

*Breathe in...breathe out*

See, that is why you needed elastic waisted pants! You'll remember, wont you?

That was my first Cabramatta experience. I would like to return, but not for a while. I still feel so full!

[8:07:53 PM] Kimberley says: I am blogging about cabramatta:)
[8:07:57 PM] Alan says: OooOoo
[8:07:58 PM] Kimberley says: do you want to go again?
[8:08:05 PM] Alan says: Noooo
[8:08:09 PM] Alan says: Not any time soon
[8:08:09 PM] Kimberley says: hahaha why ?
[8:08:17 PM] Alan says: I felt so sick yesterday
[8:08:22 PM] Kimberley says: hahaha
[8:08:25 PM] Kimberley says: me too
[8:08:26 PM] Alan says: so fatty and bloaty

What you need to know:
Thanh Tam
Where: 467-24-32 Huighes Street, Cabramatta (Huh?)
When:  Unknown. For lunch at least.
Other: The ladies bathroom has such an amazing tap at the basin! The water flows out of a scoop thing! You have to see it to believe it...except if you are male.. Alan did not check the taps in the male bathroom.
Website <-No website found

Thanh Tam Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Pappa Roti
Where: Shop 5, 59-61 John Street, Cabramatta
When:  Unknown.
Other: They sell drinks too and ice cream is also available in a cone Oooooo cone.
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**All dining/product reviews are based on my experience at the time of dining/consumption.


  1. I love visiting Cabramatta! It feels like going on holiday to me :) hehe I'm not a durian fan so I'd be glad that it tasted like coconut :P

    1. Do you go to Cabramatta often? Probably if you tasted the lollies blindfolded, you would not guess anything but 'coconut flavour'.

  2. I've bookedmarked this for my Sydney trip this month- thanks! Love the food at Cabramatta

  3. Hahhaa wow you guys really did have lots of food!!! I'm really impressed I had no idea Cabramatta had so much to offer! Next time I go to Sydney I definitely have to go too :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. You areally are impressed. You used three exclamation marks:)
      Be careful when you go - do not eat as much as we did!

  4. People carfululy Fake Eggs in Cabramatta ...China come trouble maker Australian people.