Thursday, 17 May 2012

Georges on Waymouth

I have a problem. Next month I will visit Guillaume at Bennelong for a degustation dinner starting at 8pm. Now, the quandary here is that my bed time is also at 8pm. Uh oh. When faced with such a problem in regards to a future situation, you must prepare. You must be brave. You must be determined. You must be strong. Yet, you must be careful too. With trusty friend Alan as my supervisor, I practiced staying awake (and eating) on Saturday night at the charming and ever so enticing Georges on Waymouth.

Thank you to the Entertainment Book for leading us to Georges on Waymouth. We made use of the buy one main meal, get one free offer. A work colleague did mention Georges is 'the place to eat in Adelaide' but I never took much notice. I did not even know the restaurant was opened over the weekend.

Upon arrival we were greeted by the jolly Sheldon and shown to our table for the night. We were seated at the back of the restaurant. I quite liked it there; we could see the chefs in the kitchen and what dishes were being served to other guests. This assisted me with my dessert selection:)

The young man with the oval on his face was looking right at me, probably thinking 'ahhh, I am going to be on the internet now!'. So, I kindly blurred him:)

The restaurant has a clean and calm feel. Yes, calm, even though it was full of guests. Also interesting to note is that it was not too noisy in the restaurant either. The ceilings are high, the walls white and the wooden floor is beautifully shiny. The staff are smartly dressed in crisp white shirts and black waistcoats. Waistcoats! We found the staff to be very knowledgeable and pleasant.

Alan and I started with mains. Entrees would have only left less room for dessert;)

We were first served bread. Now, as someone who does not eat bread, I cannot tell you what kind of bread it was. However, it was thickly cut, soft and delicious. Yep, I ate a bit. But, not too much.

Lamb rump with eggplant, almonds, mint yoghurt and za'atar, $38.50

Alan chose the lamb which he thoroughly enjoyed. The meat was delicate, juicy and well balanced with spice which was cooled by the yoghurt.

Pork belly with tamarind, jerusalem artichoke and root vegetables, $36.90

Amazing. The fatty pork belly was so soft and juicy. The carrots and potatoes were cooked just right. Goldilocks needs to taste these potatoes in order to learn what 'just right' really means. Not too hard, not too soft. I was so amazed by the potato that I  forced Alan to try some potato, 'ALAN EAT THE POTATO!'. After being forced fed potato, he agreed. It was good.

As pork belly is very fattening, I became full quite quickly. I may be small but I can eat a lot. I am sad to say, I was defeated by the pork belly. I have never been defeated by a main meal! I tried my best to finish every last bit but a corner of the delicious pork belly remained on my plate, all alone.

 Side of spiced cauliflower with capers, pine nuts and chili, $11.50

As with my potatoes, the cauliflower was perfectly cooked. For me, more spices would have been welcomed. Although, now thinking of it, perhaps not. The spices were subtle which brought out the cauliflower. If the spices were too strong, the cauliflower could have been overpowered.

Although full from our mains, we were so impressed with the whole experience that we had to order dessert. Luckily one of the desserts required 25 minutes preparation time which in turn gave us further time for digestion.

Sheldon our waiter took us through the dessert options as some of them had names we had never heard of and could not pronounce.

Bougatsa with caramelised fruit and cinnamon $16.90

A bougatsa  is traditionally a Greek breakfast pastry filled with semolina custard. From Saturday's experience, I will welcome it for breakfast, lunch and/or tea. The semolina custard was warm, wintery and very cosy and paired up well with sweet caramelised fruit.

We found that the 2010 Battle of Bosworth 'Clarence' Semillon befriended this dessert very well. If I had to describe this dessert as a noun, it would be a 'blanket'...a really soft one.

Vanilla bean bavarois with strawberry and champagne jelly, $15.50

You may know this dessert as Bavarian cream or creme bacaroise. I had never heard of it before and what a shame that was! From what I understand, it is a sweet cream thickened with gelatin. My photo unfortunately does not do this pretty little dessert any justice.

At the bottom of the glass was a champagne jelly, topped with vanilla bean cream. On the very top, a refreshing berry coulis with strawberries, raspberries and from what I see in the photo, a blueberry?

What a fine evening! We were thoroughly impressed with the experience at Georges. The food could not be faulted. Wiping the last crumbs of dessert from our mouths, we were full, happy and also wondering if we could make a bougatsa at home. Oh, and yes, I was still awake even though it was close to two hours past my bed time. 

The service at Georges was professional yet still welcoming, friendly and warm. Very attentive too; our water glasses were never empty. The prices for me were somewhat steep. I could not afford to eat here often. However, looking back at the experience at the Jamie's Italian in Sydney (where prices were not too much lower), Georges is value for money.

Having paid the bill, Sheldon kindly showed us to the door. The other staff wished us goodbye. This genuine hospitality added even more to our experience. We thanked Sheldon for the evening and proceeded to wander through the streets looking for a jazz bar, still amazed by our dinner.

(We found no jazz bar:( Does such a bar even exist in Adelaide? We wanted to dance, like takeSomeCrime)

Georges on Waymouth
Where: 20 Waymouth Street, Adelaide
When: Monday-Wednesday 07:00 - 17:00, Thursday to Friday 07:00 - late, Saturday 18:00 - late
Other: There are vanilla infusion sticks in the bathroom and they smell so nice:) According to their website menu, there is a 5 course tasting menu!!!
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  1. what a nice place to spend my dinner.

  2. I can SO do with some pork belly right now...I'm starving after seeing your photos!

  3. Your bed time is at 8pm? Surely you kid? Can't wait for your pictures at Bennelong! I wants to eat there too!

    1. No, I do go to bed at 8pm and then wake at 4.45am:) Sometimes I go to bed at 9pm and the next day is terrile!

  4. Ooh, I have that on my to-go list, and to hear it's in the entertainment book delights me even further as I'm picking one of those up (when I can be bothered to walk down to the animal shelter just some blocks away from my house). It all sounds absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait.

    1. Have you gone yet?
      I need to use my entertainment book more, to get more than my money's worth out of it:)

  5. Oh WANT! I have heard amazing things about this restaurant and this post has just bumped it up my to-go list. Now, I need a dinner date and some loose change. Make that lots of loose change! :)

    1. And a dinner date with lose change as well;)
      Thinking about it, that would be a LOT of lose change. I'm sure my weak arms would have trouble carrying that much.