Thursday, 12 July 2012

Rigoni's Bistro, Adelaide

When people mention Italian food, I always think of pasta, pizza and lasagna. I am such a big fan of these that the last time I consumed all three would have been sometime in 2009. Luckily Italian restaurants have much more to offer than these three items. Last week Alan, my eating companion, visited me here in Adelaide and together we visited Rigoni's Bistro, armed with the ever so wonderful Entertainment Book card.

 My tangy sweet curry blog post is featured in the June issue of GRAM magazine, a food magazine

The first thing I noticed upon entering Rigoni's was the fact they had copies of GRAM magazine available for browsing and taking home. It was so exciting to see one of my blog posts in print! :) I am still happy!

The restaurant, situated in the narrow Leigh Street is somewhat very proper with spick and speck polished floor boards, white tablecloths and high ceilings. Yet, it still has a casual feel to it and no one will look at you strangely for reading a magazine at your table or eating your lamb with your hands. The staff are well presented and our waiter for the evening was a close rival for Sheldon, from George's on Waymouth. He was friendly, bubbly and made us feel welcomed straight away.

 Santa Cristina Toscana IGT 2010; 60% Sangiovese, 40% di Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah

We started the night with some wine recommend by the friendly waiter. Yes, I consumed wine. Again. I am starting to like wine. Uh oh. Don't worry, red wine contains antioxidants:) This wine was very tasty and had quite a short length, compared to other wines I have tasted. It was more of a 'Hello I am a red wine', instead of 'RAAAAA I AM A RED WINE RAAAA' :) .....and that is how I describe wines. Yep. I do a much better description of Adelaide tap water.

The menu is quite brief which made choosing our mains and sides free of complications and umming and ahhing over what we should choose. When the dishes were placed onto the table we were pleasantly surprised at the generous servings.

Roast rack of lamb with pumpkin & sweet corn sformatta, caramelized garlic salsa & rocket pesto, $34.90

Alan ordered the lamb dish which was deliciously juicy and fatty. I liked the colours; the pink lamb, green pesto and orange/yellow sformatta. Sformatta....Google is not giving me too many answers as to what this actually is. All I find are masses of cheese. For me this was like a little dumpling/cake filled with corn and pumpkin. Alan seemed to enjoy it; he polished off the whole plate and proceeded to nibble at the bones.

Veal saltimbocca with leek & saffron puree, tamarillo romesco, green bean salad & jus $36.90

I choose the veal dish, which was brightened up with a splash of green beans and a spoon of orange romesco, a pepper based sauce. The leeks were a lovely addition and I used them to double up as a thick sauce for the tender veal. Having tasted some of the lamb, I preferred the lamb dish over the veal, as it was fattier and well, I really like lamb.

Rocket, caramalized pear and Parmesan salad $8.90

This salad blew my stereotypical view of salads out the window. You know what I mean; runty salads with no taste and if it is a chicken salad, three dwarf pieces of chicken. This was delightful! I need to make it at home. Four ingredients; rocket, spinach leaves, caramalized pear and Parmesan. Who ever knew that Parmesan and pear were such a great combination! This fact should be taught in all schools.

Crisp fried potatoes with tomato concasse, thyme, red onion and balsamic dressing $9.90

Twiddle dee dee -  potatoes!:) These were great as well but unfortunately a little too salty for our taste. That being said, we still ate them all. They were perfectly cooked, soft on the inside and nice and crispy on the outside.

That was Rigoni's Bistro. Thank you to our engaging waiter and the Entertainment Book for providing us with such an enjoyable experience. Would I go back without an Entertainment Book voucher? Yes, I would:)

Rigoni's Bistro
Where: 27 Leigh Street, Adelaide
When: Breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday to Friday, 7am to late
Other: Never fear, there is a dessert menu. We were too full to order any however.
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  1. Lovely meals! Good food, good service, what more can you ask for? Must be a very enjoyable evening.

    1. You could ask for a discount. But we got one too:) hehe. Yes, it was great fun:)

  2. It's very true that most people would think of pasta and pizza when they think of Italian food, but there's a classy Italian restaurant near my house that we always visit and we never order pasta (they don't serve pizzas either). Really love the steaks and other meats these restaurants have to offer!

    This restaurant looks fantastic, love the looks of that lamb! Looks perfectly cooked!

    1. Really, they don't have pizza at all? Woah!