Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Bourke Street Bakery, Alexandria

"Let me put my hipster glasses on", I said when approaching the Bourke Street Bakery. From past experience at the Surry Hills Bourke Street bakery, hipster glasses fit right in. Alan and I were in Alexandria to visit home wares warehouse, Peter's of Kensington. On the way to Peter's we noticed the bakery perched on a street corner and knew we had to go there after shopping for chopping boards, tea towels and graters.

The Bourke Street bakery has three locations in Sydney; the original Surry Hills bakery, Marrickville, Potts Point and Alexandria. Unlike the Surry Hills bakery that I visited in January, the Alexandria bakery has....get ready...seating space! I know, how exciting! No ordering take away, sitting in a park eating my treats whilst watching a dog go to the bathroom this time round.

Upon entering the bakery, our eyes sprinted across the blackboard behind the counter, searching for delicious things to buy, consume and discuss. The iced chocolate caught our eye and immediately we were dreaming of ice cream, chocolate and milk in a tall dainty glass. Our chocolatey hopes and dreams were shattered when we were told the iced chocolates were behind us in the fridge. Bottled iced chocolate? Isn't that just chocolate milk?

We changed our minds promptly and ordered hot chocolates instead.

Having ordered, our food was placed onto silver metal plates which reminded me of hub caps. We took our goodies outside and the drinks were delivered to us by the wait staff shortly after.

Alan's chocolate tart, $4-ish

Have you ever had a Worther's Original lolly? This tart tastes exactly like one! It took me a while to figure out what the flavour was. There was some umming and ahhing but I finally got there. The taste took me back to a Target store in 1993 where my grandma bought me a packet of Worther's Originals. She also used to buy me cinnamon doughnuts and rainbow ice cream:)

Alan's beef pie, $4.50ish

Alan is a boy of pies. He always orders a pie. Alan enjoyed the Bourke Street beef pie but commented the pastry was not the best and a little burnt. I tasted the filling and thought highly of it as it was rich and contained large chunks of soft beef.

Flourless chocolate cake, $4-ish

As soon as I saw this cake in the display cabinet, I knew I was destined to consume it and each little crumb. The cake did not let me down. It was very fudgey and more like a brownie than a cake which impressed me. Unlike some chocolate cakes, it was not too sweet and was in conclusion wonderfully pleasant. I very much enjoyed dipping chunks of it into my hot chocolate!:)

Hot  chocolate $4-ish

The hot chocolates were spot on; they taste like chocolate. That is all I need to say. If you are after a good hot chocolate, this is one place where you can fine one. The hot chocolate I enjoyed at the Surry Hills bakery was also of high quality.

As you see above, dogs (and cats, if you have a trained one that walks on a leash) are also catered for with some yummy water in a bowl. Awww. It was pleasant sitting outside and warm; I did not wear my coat. It was a miracle. A Bourke Street Bakery miracle.

Until....a smoker decided to smoke right next to us UGHHHH. Go and smoke somewhere else please! He also threw his cigarette butt onto the ground! UGHHHH. If only I was an undercover cop, I would have fined him! In my next life, I am going to come back as an undercover cop. Watch out everyone.

Things were a little squishy outside. We improvised by using a chair as a table...though I think all the chairs double up as tables. I did not see a proper table. Oh well. We managed fine.

All too soon it was time to say goodbye to the Bourke Street Bakery and we made our way to the airport. Summing up, I enjoyed the Alexandria location much more than the Surry Hills bakery. It was more relaxed and when ordering I did not feel like I was in the 'Soup Naxzi' episode of Seinfeld. Knowing this bakery is so close to the airport is bad though....I will want to go back and try EVERYTHING!

What you need to know:
Where: 474 Gardeners Road, Alexandria
When:  07:00 - 16:00 each day
Other: There is a Bunnings just down the road from here:)
Website <- click
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