Friday, 21 September 2012

Korea Jung, Adelaide

Training in the city the other week. Oh, training days. They are great; I am given the opportunity to take a decent lunch break and I am able to sleep in until 5.00am, instead of waking up at 4.30am! During my decent lunch break, I joined my Auntie W for lunch at Korea Jung in Leigh Street. I had never visited a Korean restaurant before, so this was all new and exciting for me. The restaurant, although not tucked away behind any obstacles, does blend into the surrounds, so make sure to not walk straight past if you decide to visit.

We ordered our meals and asked the waiter what the system was here, as having read some reviews on the restaurant, it seemed as though one received complimentary side dishes. The poor waiter's English skills were not the best but after a little while, he was able to confirm that a set of complimentary side dishes were provided for each table.

Complimentary pancake

First, we received a complimentary pancake to share. It was made with onions and various other things which my taste buds were not able to identify. All in all, it was really tasty and I would gladly have it again. 

 The side dishes and mains. The side dishes were bean sprouts, potato in what I think was soy sauce, zucchini, kimchi and pickled cucumber in chilli sauce

Udon noodles, $14

Beef hot pot, $17

The noodles/soup were brought out to us SIZZLING. I have never experienced sizzling food before and my brain rattled along thinking of all the potential OHS consequences of such hot sizzling food. The food was still steaming as we left the restaurant. Yes, it was that hot.

My beef hot pot was great. It was beefy and nice and warming and a cold, cloudy day. I would have welcomed more vegetables, only because I really like vegetables.

We both enjoyed our meals, the only complaint being the seafood extender in the udon noodles.  There was such a small amount of seafood extender in the udon noodles that I wondered what the point of adding it in the first place was.

We also noted how thin the chopsticks were and the fact they were made of metal. This made gripping our food quite a task as they were slippery but also a little hard to hold onto as they were so thin. Perhaps we just need more practice with thin metal chopsticks.

Ahhh, it's seafood extender! I saw this in the supermarket deli section earlier this week. Why would you buy it?

The restaurant has a welcoming and cosy feel, complete with colourful tree stickers on the wall

As you know with lunch breaks, they are always over too soon. It was time for me to go back to my training session to learn about the wonders of variance analysis, budgeting and a five forces model invented by someone called Porter.

In conclusion, we had a great meal at Korea Jung. We left full, warm and happy. A great training day lunch.

What you need to know:
Where: 13 Leigh Street, Adelaide
When: According to Urban Spoon, lunch Monday - Saturday and tea every day
Website <-No website found

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  1. Haha oh those metal chopsticks!! I think they must be a Korean thing, because I've only ever had them before at Mandoo on Bank Street, and Mapo on Gouger -- both Korean restaurants.

    I'm usually pretty skilled with chopsticks, but the metal ones are really tricky, and they always leave a sore indent in my hand. I obviously think I need more practice by eating at many more Korean restaurants. ;)

    Good to hear you enjoyed Korea Jung. I've often wondered about popping in because I live just down the road, so perhaps I'll have to give it a go soon. :)

    1. Hi Playing House,

      You're right - perhaps they are Korean. If either of us ever go to Korea, we may need to take our own chop sticks.
      Definately give it a try if you are close by:)