Sunday, 2 September 2012

Ruby Raja, Tea Tree Gully

The Ruby Raja, an Indian restaurant situated in a 1849 stone cottage is not too far from my house. Can you believe it? Something is near my house! Well, 'near' if you have a car to get you there. There is nothing where I live. Ok, there is a park full of prickly weeds that ruin your bicycle tyres, some roads, a school where people go on weekends to play with metal detectors and there is a bus that is supposed to pick me up and take me to work. You get the idea.

Friday night, my dad and I visited the Ruby Raja. There was no occasion. I just wanted to go somewhere as I currently spend my life at work, waiting for buses that I believe have been consumed by black holes, going to bed at 8pm and studying at work on the weekends. Not ideal.....

Watch out for koalas, on the way to the Ruby Raja

First of all, my dad and I give the Ruby Raja 10/10 for cosiness. Oh the cosiness! SO MUCH COSINESS!

We had possibly the cosiest seats in the restaurant, right next to the fire:) Soooo warmmmmmm

I live in a double brick house, where it is 13 degrees inside each day in the cooler months. The feeling of being toasty warm at the Ruby Raja was wonderful.

Upon our return home, my dad commented that we should have asked if the restaurant had WiFi. If it did, we would have taken our computers there and remained next to the fire all night!

The restaurant does not look very 'Indian' inside. It looks more like an antique shop but I did not mind, for I like antiques. I really liked the chairs as not only did they look pretty, but they were also very comfortable.

My dad was very concerned about the lamp shade in the above picture. He wanted to straighten it up as it was a bit crooked..

Our drink orders were taken; my old favourite tap water. My dad is also a big advocate of free tap water. I think he is really proud that his fondness of tap water has passed down to the next generation:) Our food orders were taken as well. Before we knew it, our food was at the table.

My dad's butter chicken, $19.50

The menu describes the butter chicken as tandori marinated fillet of chicken, simmered in a creamy gravy consisting of tomato, onion, butter and almonds. It tasted lovely but for me, it was let down by the presentation. It looked a bit messy, as the sauce had splashed onto the rim of the bowl.

My prawn masala, $22

My dish consisted of seven king prawns with ginger, garlic, coriander, capsicum, tomatoes and coconut milk. Is $22 a good price for seven prawns? I am stingy, so I did not think so, but let me know what you think. I would have liked to have seen more capsicum and coriander in the dish. Unfortunately I did not find this dish had any 'wow' factor. It tasted fine, but that was all.

My dad and I also noticed we had no spoons with which to consume the sauce. At the Indian restaurant near my office, there are spoons to make the consumption of sauce an easy task. We requested spoons and when they arrived, we slurped up each last bit of sauce:)

We dined using the Entertainment Card, which entitled us to 25% off the total bill. Therefore, instead of paying $41.50, we paid $31.10, which evens out to around $15.55 per dish. This I found reasonable. The non-discount price of $41.50 however, is too dear for me. 

Being an accountant, I always have to calculate things in my head. I calculated that with $41.50, I could make ten serves of beef stew, or twenty four serves of leek soup! I try not to be like this, but I find it so interesting and fun to calculate things. Sometimes I even make spreadsheets to assist me in my calculations. Is this why I am never invited to birthday parties?

Another dining area, with a fire and pretty chairs

Concluding, the food was good but nothing special. I did have an, 'I could so make this at home' moment. So, in order to prove myself right (or wrong and look like an idiot), I am planning to make butter chicken sometime in the near future. Stay tuned.

Coziness levels though, perfect!:)

Along with the koalas, also be mindful of elves and faries in the area

What you need to know:
Where: 1 Perseverance Road, Tea Tree Gully 5091
When:  Lunch, Thursday - Friday 12.00-14.00.....Dinner, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 17.30-21.00, Friday - Saturday 17.30-21.15
Other: Anstey's Hill Recreation Park is right behind the restaurant. You could go for a big walk and then fuel up on Indian food after:)
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  1. Hehe I do things like counting prawns-I think it's a family habit. I don't mind, I suppose it depends on the size of the prawns. If there are 7 small prawns and a lot of sauce, then I wouldn't say it's great value but if the prawns are large and you feel sated then yes. If that makes sense :P

    1. Hello Lorraine,
      Good, I am not the only one who counts prawns:) There were 7 normal sized prawns in a lot of sauce. So, I do not think it was great value. I think the sauce filled me up more than the prawns:(

  2. Hi there! I just came across your blog from a google image search and low and behold, a review of my local Indian place!! :) I like Ruby Raja, and their Ruby Chicken is a lovely alternative to hardcore Butter Chicken fans (theirs is nice, but not the best I've had and they're stingy for takeaway!). I have to say, Indian Brasserie at Golden Grove (which will be my local in 2 weeks!) is much better, so try and check it out sometime. I recently tried to make Butter Chicken at home and was pretty pleased with the results - my recipe is here: