Monday, 15 October 2012

Dieci e Mezzo, Canberra

You have not found yourself in a shark's mouth. Nor have you been abducted by aliens. Believe it or not, you are in the foyer of Dieci e Messo, a contemporary Italian restaurant located in the foyer of a new office building in Canberra's centre. After a two hour (delayed) flight from Adelaide to Sydney, followed by a three hour drive from Sydney to Canberra, I was in the mood for food!

Restaurant at the end of the night

The restaurant was shiny and the chairs gave me Ikea flash backs. Three pots of herbs sat on the front counter, along with a coffee machine. We were guided to our table at the back of the restaurant. People could be seen walking past the restaurant on the street outside as there are no blinds or curtains here. Some people choose to dance past the window, bringing either a smile or a bit of an evil eye to the faces of the diners.

Everything on the menu sounded delicious and it was difficult to decide what to order. We did however decide to do the whole three courses. Why not? You only live once and I could be ran over by a truck tomorrow for all I know.

Alan's sautéed Moss Vale mushrooms, slow cooked organic egg, buckwheat polenta and pecorino, $20

Alan was a little disappointed with his entree, saying $20 for an egg was not worth it and that he could make it at home, in the 'I could soooo make this at home' tone.

Mr J's quail saltimbocca, risotto milanese, polenta, treviso, pearl onions, $21

No complaints from Mr J in regards to his entree.

My new season asparagus, fried quail eggs, crisp prosciutto, provolone and peas, $21

I sat in Alan's 'I could so make this at home' camp. I was a little disappointed with the amount of food in my plate for $21. I can buy more than four spears of asparagus for $3, I have peas in my freezer, I did not think the quail eggs were any different to chicken eggs and I can source prosciutto from the market.

A bit of a let down where price was concerned. The tastiest part of my entree was the prosciutto as it was nice and salty. So, a bit of a let down there too. I should have just ordered a plate of prosciutto.

Having finished our entrees, our plates were collected and the table was cleared. A waiter brought dessert menus to the table and handed one to each of us. We then explained that we had not yet been served our mains.

The table was set again and our mains were brought out.

Mr J's special of the day, the deer with black pudding and vegetables, $42

Mr J ordered the dish as he does not eat venison often and so if it is on the menu, he will order it. He also planned to order it at the restaurant we would dine in the next night, in order to compare. Mr J does not eat black pudding so Alan and I happily shared it. Mmm:)

Alan and I ordered the seared lamb loin, Tuscan bean stew, cabbage, pangratatto and rosemary, $32

I stupidly read the menu incorrectly and thought this would be served with a beef stew, as opposed to bean stew. The lamb was soft and flavoursome. The only complaint about this dish is the fact it contained pearl barley which was not disclosed on the menu. Still, it was grain free enough and Alan happily ate my pearl barley, which I carefully picked and pushed to the side of my plate.

Wow, by this time I was pleasantly satisfied. I was not full nor hungry and decided to go without dessert to keep this wonderful satisfied feeling in my tummy.

Alan and Mr J however ordered dessert:)

Mr J's cheese platter, served with apples, grapes and house made bread, $20

I tried some of the cheeses and unfortunately I have forgotten what they were. They were very good though:)

Alan's chocolate, almond and sour cherry cassate with praline, $15

Isn't this a pretty dessert? As soon as I saw it, I felt the urge to buy a silicon pastry brush, so that I too could brush chocolate onto plates! This was delicious. Creamy, cool, chocolately and sweet.

Leaving happy, warm and full we paid the bill and enjoyed the complimentary chocolate/fudge. You cannot lose with complimentary fudge!

What you need to know:
Where: Corner Bunda and Mort Streets, Canberra 2601
Phone: (02) 6248 3142
When: Breakfast/coffee Monday - Friday from 8.30am, Lunch Monday - Friday from 11am, Tea Monday - Saturday from 6pm
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  1. i thought at first it was a cool sculpture installation in a gallery. food looks nice.