Monday, 26 November 2012

Ginza, Unley, SA

In my second last week at work, my colleague Miss M organised a lunch at the local Thai restaurant for the two of us. Unfortunately, I experienced a bout of gastro/food poisoning/weird strange horrible sickness and was forced to take two and a half days of sick leave. Upon my return to work, I could not face food and was surviving on jelly, canned peaches and yoghurt. Therefore we did not do Thai. Instead, in my last week of work when I was able to appreciate and eat food again, we visited the local Japanese restaurant. I am glad things turned out this way:) The Japanese restaurant that is, not the being sick part.

Ginza is situated on Unley Road on the fringe of Adelaide city. Since I started at the office I had always heard only good things about it...followed by 'but it is a bit expensive'. Luckily I had the Entertainment Card with me on this particular visit and was entitled to 25% off the total bill.

Ginza from Unley Road

The restaurant is well lit, open and airy. The colour scheme is based around black, white and wood. I really liked the 'bench chairs' in the restaurant. I am the type of person who believes a dining experience can be enhanced my a different type of chair. However, even the normal chairs at Ginza are very comfortable.

Looking over the menu, we were so excited. We planned to take a long lunch break to reward ourselves for all of our hard work and for all those hours on hold to the Australian Taxation Office having to listen to the painful on hold music. That tune drives me insane! 

We decided on an entree, two mains and once we had devoured all of it, we spontaneously decided to have dessert. You only live once everyone. You may as well have dessert.

All the dishes were visually appealing

Agedashi Tofu; deep fried tofu with tempura sauce, $11

The tofu consisted on four good sized pieces. I was amazed at how soft these were. Never before have I had such deliciously soft tofu. The sauce was sweet and therefore we called it a syrup. I highly recommend this dish.

Ginger pork; grilled pork slices with ginger, $19

The star of the afternoon was the ginger pork. At $19 this was one of the cheaper mains on the menu. Between the grilled pork slices were slices of onion and on the side, some sort of potato salad (?). The ginger flavour was very subtle and it reminded me of ginger tea.

Teriyaki chicken; grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce, $22

The teriyaki chicken was accompanied with what I found to be a sweet teriyaki sauce. It was juicy but for me, a little too much sauce.

Maccha (green tea) ice cream, $9

The green tea ice cream, accompanied by cream was a great way to wind up our long lunch. The ice cream also contained red beans. Icing sugar was dusted onto the side of the bowl. Not only does it look nice but you can also dip your ice cream into the sugar to sweeten it up a little.

The Japanese courtyard out the back of the restaurant

Our waiter looked after us and made sure we always had enough water in our glasses. It is nice to have a waiter that cares about water:) I am a big water fan. I am also a fan of being MSG free and I am happy to say that Ginza is an MSG free restaurant. 

We had a great long lunch at Ginza and I would like to go again. Too bad I am not working in the area/suburb/state anymore! I am sure I can arrange to visit through and take some former colleagues along with me:)

What you need to know:
Where: 48 Unley Road, Unley SA 5061
When: Lunch, Monday-Friday 12.00-14.30, Evening meal, Saturday-Sunday and public holidays 17.30-late
Website <-  No website found
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  1. That food all looks fantastic! I absolutely love Japanese food! We have one decent resturant in Geelong but nothing as amazing as this!