Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Jah'z Lounge, Adelaide

I have a confession to make. I have a restaurant problem. An addiction. I frequent Jah'z Lounge (just off Rundle Street past the Exeter Hotel), far too much. In just over a week, I visited the restaurant four times! You know how Dr Karl is 'besties' with Lady Gaga? Well, I think I am close to being 'besties' with the owner of Jah'z Lounge. He calls me 'Miss Blog'. I like that name:)

I first decided to head to Jah'z Lounge to enjoy a meal with my auntie. My sister had been raving about the place for a while and I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about.

On my first visit, I discovered why my sister is a regular Jah'z customer.

The place is fantastic!

This post is a combination of my four visits.

You may remember I mentioned the wonderful service I received by waiter Sheldon at George's on Waymouth. Well, the owner of Jah'z Lounge, the casual and welcoming Zoran (who also waits the tables) is like an older Sheldon. He's great! He'll talk to you, take you through the menu, tell some jokes and make you feel right at home. He will also mention that all the food you will receive is straight from a can! Zoran has been operating Jah'z Lounge for the past eleven years.

Points of difference offered by Jah'z Lounge

1. Great service from someone who really cares about your experience
2. Orange slices in the water
4. They LOVE Entertainment Card customers (that is me)
5. Soft chairs

So, crayons... What do you like to draw on table tops?

I like to draw ducks, bees and caterpillars

My dad enjoys drawing diagrams of amplifier electrical networks

The next person to sit at this table would have been SO confused!

Apart from drawing, there is of course, food.

A full menu is available; starters, entrees, pasta, mains and desserts. All are very reasonably priced. I would say the prices are in line with 'pub grub' but of course, the food is to a much higher standard and instead of the ringing of poker machines, you'd got some jazz playing in the background.

Complimentary garlic bread

This garlic bread looked so good, that I tried half a slice! (For new readers, I avoid grains) A big tick for the bread, which had substance to it. None of this soft squishy imposter bread. Instead, it was beautifully crisp, very buttery and wonderfully garlic-ey. Note, I do not think the bread is something that you will receive on every visit to Jah'z. 

Antipasto plate, $9.50

If only I had a ruler with me, I would have placed it next to this plate. It was huge. Full of flavour too. The plate contained local fetta, olives, home made bread, a selection of meats, frittata, roast pumpkin, spiced cauliflower, sun dried capsicum, roasted pumpkin and eggplant. This could really be a main meal and is great value.

Snook with roasted potatoes and tomatoes, on a corn jus, topped with Italian cabbage, $31.50 (I think)

My auntie, my dad, work friend Miss J and myself highly recommend this fish dish. It is fresh yet warm and cosy. The fish was crispy on the outside and flakey on the inside. 

Pan fried 300g sirloin steak with potato gratin, grilled asparagus and roasted artichoke on mushroom form jus, $25.90

On one of my visits, I remembered I have an iron deficiency and therefore ordered the steak. You know, to boost my iron levels and all. Very moist and tender. The crispy potato gratin makes this dish incredibly filling. If you're not really hungry, then you may have troubles finishing this dish.

Medium rare pan seared kangaroo fillet, marinated in 5 spice, with crispy parsnip chips, wilted silver beet and cherry scented jus, $23.90

This dish was a real surprise. The cherry scented jus made it taste all wintery and reminded me of Gluehwein (hot spiced wine). The kangaroo was lovely and soft. The parsnip chips were a great idea, and as per the menu, they were really crunchy. 

Dessert anyone?

I forgot the menu's name for this. Basically, a molten chocolate cake, with honey comb, vanilla ice cream and pistachios, $14

I loved the spongey texture of the cake. The chocolate sauce inside was deliciously sweet and I made sure to scoop it all off the plate. I do not like to waste chocolate sauce. Does anyone? 

Affogato - Vanilla ice cream with espresso, Bayley's Irish Cream and almond biscotti, $14

YUM! This was my first affagato experience and I was pleased. It is just like an iced coffee, but colder, creamier, and stronger.

In conclusion, a great place for your next evening meal. If you have the Entertainment Book, then even more of a reason to go as there is a 'buy one meal, receive one meal free' deal inside. Do visit, it is so much fun! Crayons!!!!!

What you need to know:
Where: 7 Cinema Place, Adelaide
When: Evening meal, Tuesday - Saturday
Website <-  No website found

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  1. Looks great. I hope you find something you love as much when you move to Old Sydney Town.

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  3. I've walked past this place so often and never been in! It looks great, and I've just added it to my list of restaurants to try!