Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Layered fruit yoghurt

It has been one week and three days since I gave up processed sugar! Wee! At the same time, I am also giving up grains. The goal is to give up sugar and grains until March 25. Even though I only consume grains during baking sessions on the weekend, they affect me badly. If I consume them on Saturday I am still suffering on Monday! I do love to bake; I like mixing, making a mess, licking the bowl and watching the mix turn into something beautiful. But, it makes me sick! How does it feel after being grain and sugar free for one week and three days? Good! :) I also feel like a good citizen, so rather than offering family members sugar/grain laden cakes and biscuits (or as I like to say 'a little piece of death on a plate'...but it was always tasty death!), I am offering them healthy foods.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Bargain bin delights - Gippsland daiy blueberry organic yogurt

It's time for another bargain bin delight. You know the story; bargains, fun, stinginess. Let's start! Walking through Coles on a search for rhubarb, a yellow ticket caught my eye. Although not in the bargain bin, this yogurt was reduced and ready to exit Coles as its use by date was fast approaching. I purchased the 200g tub of Gippsland Dairy blueberry organic yoghurt for the bargain price of $0.99 and gave up with the rhubarb hunt.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mandarin House and Gelatissimo, Adelaide

The other day I had lunch at Mandarin House on Gouger Street with my grandma and Entertainment Book voucher. We first went to the Central Market to buy mushrooms, ground ginger, Polish sausage and fruit. By 11.30am we were ready for lunch, however the restaurant did not open until 12noon. Why is it assumed that everyone is ready for lunch at 12noon? Why can I not order lunch at the majority of restaurants at 11am? This is discrimination against people like me who wake up at 4.50am each morning - we are ready for lunch at 11.00am! Or 10.00am....

Monday, 20 February 2012

KiBa (Kirsch-Banane Saft) - Cherry banana juice

Love at first bite? No. Love at first sip? Yes. Today I share with you my favourite drink, a KiBa, or cherry banana juice. My first KiBa experience is somewhat hazy....it was in a little bar in the south of Germany on a cold Winter's night. To beat the chill, I ordered a hot water. Yes, certainly the safest drink to consume in a crowded bar. Having finished the hot water and about to order another one, a friend recommended I try a KiBa. It sounded very strange to me; cherry and banana?

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Bourke Street Bakery, Surry Hills

The plan was a pastry at La Renaissance Patisserie in The Rocks, a visit to the Rocks Foodies Market and then more pastry at the Bourke Street Bakery. A perfect plan! Unfortunately, the patisserie was closed for renovations and the Foodies Market ceased to exist on this certain Friday. Alan and I stood there....and looked at each other. Alan consulted 'Uncle Google' on his futuristic phone as to why there was no market but 'Uncle Google' did not know. The solution? Yum Cha. Having walked from Town Hall to The Rocks in the, we then went back over our tracks to Haymarket where we yum cha-ed at the Emperor's Garden. After lunch, we looked around the shops and then walked onwards to the Bourke Street Bakery. We did so much walking it was calorie mutual! Mmmmmutual;)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Lemon delicious

I like to eat/drink when I am annoyed or worried about something. For exmaple, when I cannot reconcile an Excel spreadsheet at work and feel the urge to smash the Excel spreadsheet into little pieces, I make myself a cocoa. When my 'to do' list is packed with 'urgent' tasks, I drink another cocoa and ponder over the order in which to complete the tasks. When annoyed with my studies at home, I eat a boiled egg. When it takes me two hours to get home on the bus and I am upset as a result, I eat more boiled eggs, but with peas too! When I am worried, waiting to see if my $179, 8% metal skirt with  label 'DO NOT WASH' survives being washed, I eat lemon delicious pudding.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

How to make your own yoghurt - detailed

On my latest 'bargain bin delights' post, some of you expressed interest in making your own yoghurt. I realised that my previous post regarding home yoghurt production was not too detailed, so here is an updated version, with updated dollar saving calculations!

Friday, 10 February 2012

La Renaissance Café Pâtisserie, The Rocks

On a fresh morning in Sydney I met with Couchsurfer (also known as, complete stranger) Mr G outside the Sydney Town Hall. We visited the Sydney fish market which seemed rather dull in my opinion. Sure there were fish...and a forklift....but there was nothing happening. Considering I was expecting something similar to the Hamburger Fischmarkt (Hamburg fish market), I was very disappointed. The Hamburger Fischmarkt is held each Sunday from 05:00-09:30 and there you will find loud stall owners making jokes and doing little 'shows' in order to attract customer attention, a collection of different fish for sale, many different flavoured gherkins in big barrels and a fish auction hall with music inside. You'll also find all the intoxicated party go-ers from the near by Reeperbahn (the biggest party street in Hamburg) who stayed up all night just to have a Fischbroetchen (fish roll) for breakfast.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Bargain bin delights - Jalna strawberry low fat creamy yoghourt

It's time for another bargain bin delight. You know the story; bargains, fun, stinginess. Let's start! The IGA Foodland close to my house has some great bargains. The bargains are improved as the supermarket is in walking distance (30 minute return trip) from my house. This results in bargains, exercise, reduction of potential cellulite and savings on fuel costs. The yoghourts are often discounted to $0.99 when they are close to their use by or best before date. The price for this Jalna strawberry yoghourt was certainly right; a saving of $1.50!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

CWA Rhubarb coconut cake

The only positive about studying the Chartered Accountant material all day is the fact that I can bake afterwards. Studying from 05.30 until 14.00 with only a small break between is quite depressing, boring and makes me so tired. In the morning I set myself goal of how many pages I need to read before I can bake. With baking as my reward, my goal is always achieved. After yesterday's study session, I was quite confused regarding what I should cake. Chocolate muffins? No, potential for dryness. A slice? No, not in the mood for biscuit bases. Biscuits? No, that would require black tea to accompany it and I cannot drink black tea after 10am! An ever reliable and fantastic CWA cake? Yes! A CWA rhubarb coconut cake? Yes!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Cumin and lime biscuits

When I cannot imagine what something tastes like, I try my hardest to ignore what it may be or what it looks like and give it a try. For example, chicken feet, jelly fish and raw mince meat with onion on bread all once belonged in the 'cannot imagine what it tastes like' category. Surprsingly, I like them all:) Oh yes,then there was the dog food incident when I was little. Yep, I tried a tinnnnny bit of dog food. I was one of the children who did not have a Playstation or a Nintendo; what else was I supposed to do? Ok, I did play Encarta MindMaze and Dangerous Creatures on my CDROM, but after a while I needed something else to keep my mind rolling.