Monday, 30 April 2012

Persian love cake..and how to court a girl in two steps

 Moral of this recipe: Should have made the taro chiffon cake. I was going to bake a taro chiffon cake. I then realised I needed to buy lots of ingredients in order to bake it. There was no way I could carry all the ingredients home along with my full suitcase on wheels, full environmentally friendly shopping bag and hand bag. Therefore, I decided to bake a Persian love cake and save the chiffon for another time. I figured with such a name (Persian love cake) it must be a great cake. I pictured it as being the kind of cake you could use for courting your potential future husband/wife/significant other.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Leek soup

The days are shorter, the leaves crunchier and orange. Each day, I become colder. I wear gloves to work but unfortunately they do not keep my hands warm. To keep myself warm as I sleep, I wear two pairs of socks and have so many blankets on my bed that their weight crushes me and cuts off circulation to my legs. The other day I was so cold that I went to bed at 18.30 in order to keep warm. Yep, I am rather pathetic. I do not like cold weather. The only good thing about cold weather is that it is perfect for soup:)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Jamie's Italian, Sydney and the Sydney Observatory, The Rocks

Saturday night Alan and I ventured into the city to visit Jamie Oliver's Sydney restaurant. The restaurant was the last item on Alan's 'Jamie Oliver to do list'. He has the books, all the episodes and has cooked a crazy amount of Jamie's recipes. The restaurant remained on the list, all lonely with no tick beside it. Aww.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Ultimate Apple Cake Mission - April: Anne's apple cake

Don't you like it when old memories pop back into your mind? This week I had an apple cake flash back in which I was transported back to Germany in the year 2009. Things were so different back then; I had short hair, thought I was lactose intollerant, wore my penguin jumper (which is now my pjamas) in public and had found room in my heart for baby food each day :| Anyway, the memory. One day my friend's housemate, Anne, baked an apple cake and shared it with us all. It was so declisious that I still remembered it after so long!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fairsen taro flavour pudding powder

TARO FLAVOURED PUDDING! AHHHHH!:) Oh how I adore taro. Taro is a tuber/root from a plant native to South East Asia. Wow, Wikipedia even says the roots are poisonous when uncooked! My favourite culinary use of taro is in bubbe tea, though I doubt taro flavoured bubble tea atcually contains any of the root. In Cabramatta the other weekend, I spotted some taro flavoured jelly in an Asian supermarket and bought it straight away.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Maderia cake

This month's Sweet Adventures Blog Hop is all about lemons. I found this a tricky topic...what would I make? There were the typical things; lemon cheesecake, lemon pie, lemon delicious, lemon curd....and I did not want any of them. I don't think I am a sweet lemon person. I just like lemon in hot water and on fish. But, last weekend I tried a Maderia cake from Woolworths and it was so great! I had it in a trifle with custard. This cake from a packet was so soft, so delicious. Therefore for the blog hop, I baked Maderia cake hoping to recreate the Woolworths Maderia cake goodness:)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

A Visit to Cabramatta...and the continuation of the real Easter egg hunt

I want to live in Cabramatta! If you thought China Town was fun, you need to go to Cabramatta. The suburb is situated around 40km south west of Sydney and is home to Australia's largest Vietnamese population. My Sunday afternoon Cabramatta fun started with yum cha and ended with a hunt for both Easter eggs and taro ice cream.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

A real Easter egg hunt

Everyone seems to do Easter egg hunts. Problem is, they're all set up. You know you're going to find at least one Easter egg at the end. To me this kind of a hunt does not provide any sort of real life challenge to the participants. Sometimes you look for things in life and no matter how hard you try, you fail. People need to experience failure at some stage in their life. It makes you try harder and it makes you better prepared for the next similar situation.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Adelaide Showground Farmers Market

Two Sundays ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market. I had wanted to go for a long time but as I have no car and must rely on public transport, I decided it was much easier to stay at home. This certain Sunday however, I had access to a car! Yay!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Haighs Chocolate Hot Cross Bun

A little more attractive and delicate than your usual hot cross bun, no? I am not a fan of hot cross buns. Infact I am such a non-fan that I have not had a hot cross bun for years. I do not have the slightest urge to consume a grain filled, digestive system hating hot cross bun:) I know, they smell nice...but no. Then I went to Haighs...

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Chocolate plum cake (grain free)

Time for another weekend baking adventure:) This weekend I attempted a grain free chocolate plum cake. I had no idea how to make a grain free chocolate plum cake, but I gave it my best shot. Mixing everything together and tasting the mixture, I concluded it would be a failure. The cake mix tasted horrible! I added a little sugar and it still tasted....questionable. Not knowing what else to do, I scooped the mixture into a baking tin and shoved it into the oven. Oddly enough, the cake turned out quite ok. If you're into bitter chocolate, it turned out really well!