Thursday, 31 May 2012

Oxtail stew

I would like to buy a house. Problem is, I do not have enough money. How to solve this problem? I need to save money. Step 1 was to move some money into a savings account at 5.35% interest. Good.  Step 2 was to look for cheap cuts of meat from which I could prepare a filling, warm, fatty nutritious lunchtime meals for work. Oxtail! Protein, gelatin, collagen, minerals, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and of course fat. Fat, that is all I need.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Ultimate Apple Cake Mission - May: Gaby's apple cake

May's Ultimate Apple Cake Mission entry is here. I altered the recipe from the original,'Gaby's rhubarb cake' to transform it into what I now call 'Gaby's apple cake'. I first made the original rhubarb recipe with a friend in Germany. At the time, my netbook was still brand new, so Gaby's rhubarb cake was my first bookmarked recipe:) It still sits proudly up the top of the now long bookmarked list. Back to the cake baking. One kilogram of rhubarb was needed. No problem, for there was rhubarb in my friend's garden. Well, a few sticks of rhubarb. Oh, nowhere near one kilogram. Fortunately there were some apples in the kitchen, so we used them to make up for the lack of rhubarb.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

The vegetable box

I like performing experiments on myself. My latest experiment involves seeing whether a bowl of spinach for breakfast each day will keep colds and flu at bay. So far, I have not been sick:) My mum and sister have both been sick but I am immune. I believe the reason behind my immunity is the spinach...ok and I do not eat rubbish except a tinnnnny bit of whatever I bake on the weekend. Spinach. It tastes so much better when you pick it from your garden! See the box above? This is my family's vegetable patch which contains lots of yummy spinach and leafy Asian greens. Leafy greens - they are so good for you:)

Monday, 21 May 2012

Rooibos rhubarb cake (grain free)

For this month's blog hop, we are following the theme 'What's your cup of tea?'. Since I am weak and cannot handle caffeine I drink rooibois tea. It is a lovely warm, fragrant, caffeine tea from South Africa. I decided to adapt my grain free carrot cake recipe to become a rooibos rhubarb cake. I was sure it would work. Hmm. All I can say is that this cake is great for weight loss. Why? It is so 'THE FLAVOUR HAS LEFT THE BUILDING' that you will not want to eat more than your first bite! Yay!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Georges on Waymouth

I have a problem. Next month I will visit Guillaume at Bennelong for a degustation dinner starting at 8pm. Now, the quandary here is that my bed time is also at 8pm. Uh oh. When faced with such a problem in regards to a future situation, you must prepare. You must be brave. You must be determined. You must be strong. Yet, you must be careful too. With trusty friend Alan as my supervisor, I practiced staying awake (and eating) on Saturday night at the charming and ever so enticing Georges on Waymouth.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Ice Magic

Ice Magic and a Coles Myer gift card. Thank you Penny from Jeroxie for choosing me as the winner in your Ice Magic competition:) To enter the competition, one had to share what they would paint with Ice Magic. I said I would paint a golden moon on a dark sky with smudges of ice cream clouds passing by and sprinkles would be placed onto the sky to represent stars. Mmmmm sprinkles.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Raffaello cake

Someone once told me 'All girls like coconut!', after having spotted coconut scented soap in my bathroom. According to this bright spark all girls buy coconut scented soap, shampoo, dry shampoo, moisturiser, face cream, hand get the idea. I am not sure how true this is. I simply buy what is on special at the discount chemist. Oh, how I adore a bargain! All I can tell you in relation to girls and coconut is that at least one girl (me) likes coconut cakes.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Moo Premium Yoghurt - Pure mango

It's time for another bargain bin delight. You know the story; bargains, fun, stinginess. Let's start! It has been a while since we last had a bargain bin delight, hasn't it? You may be thinking 'why do you only buy yoghurt from the bargain bin?'. The answer is, I am not going to do a review on cream or buy salmon that is going off the next day:) Today's review features Moo Premium Yoghurt, in pure mango flavour. I am not usually impressed by supermarket yoghurt but this one was a surprise.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Enfield Horticultural Society Autumn Show

I attended the Enfield Horticultural Society's Autumn Show with my dad, an avid gardener, on Sunday April 22. When I was small I would enter the junior floral art competition in both the Spring and Autumn shows each year. As my sister and I were the only junior entrants most of the time, we collected many prize certificates:) One year I won first prize for a miniature garden I made on a little plate. I arranged all the flowers symmetrically onto the plate. This was apparently so amazing for someone my age that I had a story about my accomplishment published in the school newsletter. I remember having to draw a picture of my miniature garden with the principal's special pen for the story. Children wouldn't do this sort of thing these days, would they? They're too busy on their i-phones, using their i-hair straighteners, drinking i-energy drinks and generally being i-ratbags.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Orient Hotel, The Rocks

Alan and I played a game in Sydney's 'old town', The Rocks. We pretended to be tourists with DSLRs, hats tripod and even a purpose built camera backpack to complete the 'I am so great. I have a camera' look. Only thing was, unlike others who have mastered this look, Alan knows how to use a camera. I am excused as well because...errr...I kind of know how to use a camera if I google what I need to do and once played 'model' in a real (real as in, before me, only attractive 6ft tall girls had entered the premises) photo studio. I remember standing on a piece of wood to make me taller. Wood; yet another trick of the photography trade.