Sunday, 3 February 2013

Great Southern Chocolates - Dark chocolate coated oranges

What are your favourite classic chocolate combinations? Strawberries and chocolate is a classic. Oh, banana and chocolate is too! Have you ever tried Nutella on orange slices? That is a real classic combination for me. When I found dark chocolate coated dried orange slices in the supermarket, I just had to try them. Impulse shopping in the name of classic combinations! And you know, people say dark chocolate is good for you:)

So, what exactly is this chocolate orange treat? Well, it is quite simple; dried orange slices (includes skin), dipped into dark chocolate.

Ingredient panel

Hmmm...the dark chocolate is mostly sugar. The chocolate also contains vegetable fat and I am wondering if this is a cheap alternative for cocoa butter. The cocoa component of the chocolate comes from cocoa whey powder...whatever that is. 

A little disappointed about the chocolate!

Nutritional information

Ok, enough about the ingredients. I should have looked at the ingredient panel before I purchased these.    Had I known there was more sugar than chocolate, I would not have bought these.

You're here because you want to know how they taste.

They taste really good! The texture of the orange varies, from chewy in some bits to a little crunchy in others. I would not say the oranges are as sweet as fresh oranges but they still have that distinct orange taste.

These treats are produced in South Australia and are available from some fruit and vegetable shops, Drakes, Foodland and Coles. I believe I paid around $5 for this 150g packet.

Was it worth it? It was worth a try, but I would not buy them again (see reference to chocolate ingredients above). If you have a food dehydrator, I do not think these would be too difficult to make at home.

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