Sunday, 10 February 2013

What I eat and my grain free journey

I thought I would do a post on what I eat in a week. I will tell you about the journey that got me to the food I eat these days. Perhaps some of you may relate to it. And this blog post will also assure my dad that I am eating enough:) What I eat has changed dramatically over the last five or so years and I now think I have finally found a way of eating that makes me feel good. I used to eat everything, including lots of junk food. Unhappy with the way I looked, I went on the 'conventional wisdom' diet of upping the whole grains and ditching the lollies, jam sandwiches and soft drinks. After this phase, I went into a 'I wont eat anything from an animal' phase. Luckily this did not last too long and I went back onto the 'conventional wisdom' approach. I then started to feel really ill in my stomach. All the time.

I saw so many doctors. They were all useless and simply wanted my money.  I even went to hospital and had cameras shoved down my throat to see if I had ulcers growing in my stomach. They tested me for celiac disease and gluten intolerance. There was nothing!

They told me my digestive issues were symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. They told me the solution was peppermint tea, peppermint tablets, pear juice, eating less fruit and eating more fruit. The doctors in Germany told me to drink more water and do more sport. One doctor said it was all in my head.

Yes, all in my head. I pretended to have stomach aches for two years. That's it. And, those times when I was in so much pain and started to cry...well, I was just pretending you know. All in my head.

Someone at work told me to give up grains. He said it may help me and I should see how I feel once giving them up.

This possible solution was free and it would not harm me.

I gave up grains.


Best decision I ever made!

And here I am today, grain free:) No more stomach aches. No more extreme bloating. Oh except for a few weeks ago. I had a little bit of chicken coated in polenta (corn product). Twenty minutes after eating the chicken, I could not stand up. I sat down and cried....I went to bed and cried some more...for three to four hours.

So no grains. I hate them so much!

What do people eat when they do not consume grains?

Well, this is what I ate two weeks ago.

(If you're wondering, it was hard to be grain free at first. I really like fairy bread and cheese on toast with Vegemite. I also like jam sandwiches with ham. I love cakes, pastries and puddings and I like to bake them. But, I got used to it and now would not go back.)

Australia Day. I needed energy for a big walk in the Blue Mountains.

Two fried eggs with pepperoni kabana and cheese. I have cheese on everything. Cheese is my friend

Full cream milk. Yum!

I prefer to consume full fat everything. Fat fills me up and having given up grains, my body has turned into an effective fat burning machine (ie. I eat fat but am not fat). Why? There's nothing else to burn. I eat lots of fat, so my body must burn it.

Proof for anyone doubting the fat thing - Eating fat does not make you fat

On the walk, I also ate a protein ball and a banana. For tea that night, I had a lamb chop. Mmmm I love lamb!


Breakfast -  two eggs with a mixture of vegetables and of course, cheese

Why are we told to eat grains for breakfast? Who said you cannot have mixed vegetables for breakfast? It's great!

Study snack: full fat home made yoghurt with peach slices

I ate so much yoghurt on this particular day. I think yoghurt is great. You may already know that I was sending myself broke buying good quality yoghurt, so I now make my own. This and the eggs kept me full for my 6.30am-12.30pm study session. I am one of those strange people who studies in the morning. Studying, hearing the birds wake up and watching the sunrise....

Cup of tea? I like to drink red bush, or rooibos tea as it is caffeine free

Lunch: lamb grilling chop with mixed vegetables

Meat. I try to eat red meat every day. Oooo noooo that's not what the doctors tell us to do. Exactly. Since seeing how useless doctors really are (see first paragraphs), I do my own thing. If I feel good eating a piece of meat every day, then I will eat a piece of meat every day.

I had a blood test last year and the results showed I had high cholesterol. The doctor gave me a pamphlet instructing me to eat less fat (eggs, meat, butter...) and eat 'good' things such as grains (my favourite!) and margarine (don't even know what that is!).....I did the 'whatever Trevor' thing and refused.

Still alive.

I am so stubborn.

Lamb shank in a tomato and vegetable sauce

That night, Alan and I prepared lamb shanks that we had purchased from the Penrith 'Hawkesbury Harvest' Farmer's Market. If you live up this way, it is a very nice little market, held the first Saturday of each month outside the Penrith library.


Monday morning, I went swimming. I have improved so much! I started off choking and half drowning each lap. Now I feel much more confident and am nearly ready to swim without the kick board.

Left over lamb shank for the post swim breakfast/lunch

A snack of chocolate coated orange slices

More yoghurt, with tinned fruits. Does anyone else prefer tinned fruit over fresh, or am I just a little strange?

For tea (or you may say 'dinner'), a beef blade steak with a mustard sauce (onion, garlic, milk, yoghurt mushroom and mustard cooked in a fry pan)


Back to work after the long weekend.

Breakfast - two fried eggs
Snack - too many roasted cashew nuts
Lunch - chicken salad with beetroot
Snack - yoghurt

Tea - yet another lamb chop with vegetables


Same as per Tuesday

Tea - a fried egg with vegetables. Forgot to defrost meat!


Breakfast - egg, vegetables and lots of cheese

Lunch was once again a chicken salad. For tea, I was invited to Alan's mum's house where she prepared sweet and sour chicken Mmmmmm:)


Tastiest breakfast of the week - lamb chop with Chinese greens, soy sauce and sesame seeds

Yep, more chicken salad for lunch and a yoghurt for my lunchtime dessert.

Tea - chicken with some spices I don't remember and lots of greens

And that, my friends was what I ate in a week.

Yes, I really like eggs, cheese and lamb chops.

I think they're great.

What foods are you addicted to? Do you eat pretty much the same thing each day, or do you have the energy to mix things up a little?

Lastly, if you think a grain free diet may be able to help you, then simply google it. There are a lot of great blogs around that can give you more information:)


  1. Interesting post! I don't think I'd want to be eating meat every day but I think cutting down on grains is probably a good idea.

  2. I eat lots of eggs too Kim :) Had 2 eggs every Saturday with capsicum, mushroom, spinach, spring onions... mmm yummy!

    And I have an addiction to tuna! for most dinners, I have tuna and salad!

  3. Great post :) And I'm glad that you are feeling a lot better now since giving up grains, I guess we all have things that just don't sit well with our bodies ~ I haven't thought about a grainfree diet but it doesn't seem that bad hehe filling up on Fat and meat YUMMMM