Saturday, 20 April 2013

Steersons Steakhouse, King Street Wharf, Sydney

I had the pleasure of attending a birthday party last Saturday evening. One of the best things at a birthday party according to Alan, is ice cream cake. Hey, ice cream cake is great all the time, I say. Alan wanted to buy one for the birthday boy, so we visited Woolworths on George Street to do so. Unfortunately, this particular Woolworths does not sell ice cream cake! Not happy Woolworths. We had to settle for biscuits instead. Meh, biscuits.

Later in the evening we all walked over to Steersons Steak House at King Street Wharf.

Having walked from near Town Hall to the steakhouse we found ourselves a little warm. We hoped we would be allocated an outside table. Are there such things as birthday miracles? Perhaps, as we were allocated an outside table!

The steakhouse is a very nicely presented and is in an open space, with wooden floor boards, white tablecloths, white chairs outside and wooden chairs inside. The atmosphere is welcoming and warm.

Enough about the surrounds. It was time to eat some steak.

But first, a birthday drink.

Non vintage Grant Burge Blanc de Noirs, $72 a bottle

Petit fillet, Riverina Premium Beef - Central NSW, 160g, $29.90

My rare petit fillet was superb. It was very soft and juicy. I was not going to eat the mash because of the carb content and really, potatoes do not offer too much nutritionally. But, it was so delicious that I polished it all off! If I was at home, I would have licked the plate. However, in public I try to be on my best behaviour. 

We were given two mustards to accompany the steaks; seeded and spicy.

The spicy was EXTREMELY SPICY. If you have blocked nasal cavities, there is a good chance this mustard will fix them up.

Everyone seemed pleased with their steaks.


One friend ordered the 'surf and turf' accompaniment for his steak. This consisted of two roasted Queensland tiger prawns being placed on his steak. Price, $10. A bit rich!

This same friend also ordered a tomato salad. As he put it 'It's a sliced tomato for $10!'.


White & dark chocolate mousse with Stracciatella ice-cream, honeycomb & lavender, $13.90

Two of the group indulged themselves with this chocolate mousse. I tasted a bit and it was very good. We particularly enjoyed the choc chip ice cream. There is nothing like good ice cream.

Liqueur Affogato: Espresso with vanilla bean ice-cream & Frangelico, $13.90

Seeing as though I do not tolerate caffeine too well (I really feel the effects but coffee tastes so good!) and I am a cheap date (one drink and I am a bit 'Weeeeeeee I am a unicorn!'), why wouldn't I have ordered this?!

So good.

I want to make it at home.

Need to pick up my espresso maker from Adelaide.

2008 Forest Hill Vineyard, Noble Riesling, $15

If you are a fan of sweet wines, I highly recommend this one. It was just wonderful, with notes of pear and lychee. A very nice wine.

Complimentary chocolate covered coffee beans and tooth picks for cleaning those teeth

More caffeine!

We then pondered over the tooth picks. Why was floss not offered? Why is it acceptable to pick your teeth with a stick at the table, but not with medical grade dental floss, subtly flavoured with mint? Also, what are you supposed to do with the items you pick from your teeth? 

Boah! $34 for water?!

We were not happy about the water charge. We should have been more observant and realised that the water that tasted exactly like TAP WATER was actually from some fancy imported water. 

Wrapping up, I would say we all enjoyed the meal and fun at Steersons Steakhouse. Personally, I would be happy to go back again:) Everything I had was delicious and I want more. Who would like to go back with me?

We went to Marquee night club in the Star Casino after dinner. What a disaster. I wont go on because I may say mean things. In brief though, we thought it was so good that we consumed a tap water, stayed for just 20 minutes and then headed back to the hotel to watch a count down of the '100 greatest pop stars of all time'. So much fun! Are Paul McCartney and Wings 'pop' stars? That is the question we all had on our minds.

What you need to know:
Where: Steersons Steakhouse 17 Lime Street, King Street Wharf, Sydney
When: Lunch, 12.00 - 15.00 and dinner, 18.00-22.30
Website <- Click me
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